Ayan Movie Preview
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Starring: Suriya, Prabhu, Tamanna
Direction: K V Anand
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Production: AVM
A Waywardly teenager, a youngster and an ageing gentleman – Suriya has done it all in his Vaaranam Aayiram. With an inexhaustible thirst for variety, he is ready for another date with the box office after the critically acclaimed Vaaranam Aayiram. Ayan is touted to be a high energy adrenaline rush experience with Suriya retaining his lately acquired six-pack hinting that there are as much action sequences as much there are romantic ones. And yes, if the promos are to be believed, Suriya drops his shirt flaunting his beefcake appearance.

Ayan has the all-fresh Tamanna playing Suriya’s female lead whose slow and steady rise to stardom is stuff for fairy tales. Ayan will also catapult Tamanna’s status into the big league and as a budding star; this movie is likely to become significant in her career.

And as far as the story goes, we do hear the usual clichés boasting on how the movie is different from the other movies. However, as a step ahead, here, director K V Anand declares that Ayan will rewrite the movie watching experience of Tamil viewers. “Ayan’s theme is completely unexplored in Indian cinema and hence the movie will be an eye-opener of sorts,” Anand was quoted as saying by the media. Besides, Suriya also revealed in a recent press meet that the Censor Board was uncertain in providing the movie’s certificate. All this only add up to the already swelling expectations.

Suriya plays the role of a 25 year old living in the labyrinth called Triplicane. So the requirement obviously demanded him to speak the ‘Chennai Sendamizh’. According to him, director K V Anand’s mastery helped him attain fluency in the dialect.

Originally named Boomathiya Regai, the movie was later rechristened to Ayan, meaning the unbeatable, for want of a crisp title. Ayan is shot in diverse locations including the maze like streets of Triplicane, the lush green forests of Africa & Malaysia and the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Suriya’s electrifying action sequences are said to be one of the major attractions of the movie. Apart from Kanal Kannan, Franz Spilhaus, a stunt team that worked for many famous Hollywood movies has choreographed the stunt sequences in this film

Ayan also has Akashdeep Saigal debuting in Tamil in a negative role with Prabhu, Vivek and Karunas playing vital roles. Written by K V Anand and the noted writer Subha, Ayan is produced by AVM Productions and distributed by SUN Pictures.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is already topping the charts with footage from the movie being telecast in television channels. The album has 6 songs to its credit.

Ayan is scheduled for release this weekend, April 3, 2009.
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