Adada Enna Azhagu Movie Preview
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Starring: Jai Akash, Nicole, Ashish Vidyarthi, Karunaas, Raguvaran, Reka, Aishwarya
Direction: T.M. Jayamurugan
Music: TM Jaimurugan
Production: Tiruppur M.V. Ramaswamy
Jai Akash has been missing from the scene for quite a while now. One might be forgiven for thinking that he had done the disappearing act. But, he is back with a release. Adada Enna Azhagu is set to hit theaters this Friday. Featuring Jai Akash and debutante Nicole in the lead, the title suggests that the movie will be a love story. While not totally disagreeing with the assumption, director
  Adada Enna Azhagu
T.M. Jayamurugan adds that the movie is much more than just an ordinary love story.

The lead character played by Jai Akash is one who holds very lofty principles in life. He follows Periyar’s doctrine of philosophy wherein any wealth accumulated beyond one’s basic needs should be given away to the less privileged. The director has also quoted an incident from the life of the revolutionary communist leader Stalin who did not hesitate to sacrifice his son’s life for the sake of his country; the hero of the film will exhibit such high levels of patriotism.

With such credentials, the hero ought to be the ‘perfect man’ and a story involving such a character cannot be just a love story. The director said that the movie shows how two people with very similar tastes in music meet each other and become friends which later blossoms into love. Their love meets with zero resistance from all sides and all seems to be well and rosy until a misunderstanding threatens to do them apart.

Adada Enna Azhagu has been produced by Tiruppur M.V. Ramaswamy on behalf of Alipiri Movies. Music for the film has been scored by the director himself who has also taken care of the lyrics. Adada Enna Azhagu raises hopes of a good love story with social consciousness.
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