Thee Movie Preview
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Starring: Sundar C, Namitha, Ragini
Direction: G.Kitchaa
Music: Srikanth Deva
Production: Sree Movie makers
Looks like Sundar C is on a roll, his long line up of films is now coming off the assembly line at a steady clip. Two Fridays ago it was Perumal and now it is Thee. This kind of a back to back release situation can work both ways for the actor and the movies concerned. But for now, lets look at Thee.

Thee tells the story of a policeman who gets fed up of being a puppet in the hand of politicians and so decides to plunge in to politics himself. In short, he gets into the
system to purge it. The trailers have shown us a typical fiery policeman who vouches for law and its impartiality, but they have not revealed the nature of Sundar C the politician, that has built in an element of suspense. That apart, this looks like one of the regular Sundar C starrers, a bit on the higher side of action and jingoistic approach perhaps.

Namitha is becoming a constant of sorts in Sundar C starrers. She was there two weeks ago in Perumal and she is here again for Thee. Both the times, she has not been Sundar C’s heroine but a supporting character, which of course has had a lot of glamour going with it. The trailers of Thee have shown quite clearly that this one too is going to be no different. However, reports are that besides the glamour, the lady also has an interesting part to perform as Sundar C’s political aide. Ragini plays Sundar C’s wife.

Music by Srikanth Deva has not managed to create any stir and the music being a hit will depend heavily on the movie’s run. At the box office, its chances might be a bit dampened by the recent entry of Perumal which has not got much going for itself either. The Sundar C-Namitha pairing may be getting redundant, too much in too short a time. But to be fair, the movie has got its chances if it has the right merits.
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