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‘Friends’ Vijayalakshmi attempts suicide!!
Aug 24, 2006
Actresses in the industry have always proved themselves to be chicken-hearted individuals. Notwithstanding the type of bold roles they portray on screen, they turn out to be vulnerable and indecisive at tough times giving in to the situation and eventually attempting suicide. Their busy lifestyle and their lack of confidence may be blamed towards that.

Suicides always are for one simple reason – disappointment in love. Vijayalakshmi, who paired with Surya in the hit flick ‘Friends’, seems to be another victim of love-related cases, but not in the same sense. She claims that she has been harassed by the director sitcom Ramesh who works for Radan Networks.

Vijayalakshmi, after attempting her luck in few Tamil movies, lodged herself to the small screen, in Kannada particularly starring in a few sitcoms and in a filmi program produced by Radhika’s Radan network for a Kannada television channel. Shoot of the same program is being held in Chennai and after an outburst with the director; Vijayalakshi seemed to have fled the sets.

After reaching home, she locked herself in her bedroom and consumed sleeping pills excessively in an attempt to kill herself to overcome the disgrace she faced in the sets. She was later moved to a private hospital and after intensive treatment is said to have recovered and is fit and fine now.

Vijayalakshmi stated that earlier Ramesh’s proposal to marry her was turned down by her. This has sent Ramesh furious and he started harassing her in the sets in public as an act of vengeance. She raised the complaint to Radhika who eventually advised her to marry Ramesh. A frustrated Vijayalakshmi, losing all her hopes, ended up in attempting suicide. She is reported to be back in good health.

This year has seen quite a few suicidal disasters including sitcom stars Vaishnavi and Shraddha. We can only hope that the actresses understand suicide is not the best alternative to resort to during times of difficulties.

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