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Abhishek Vs Motorola: In real life too!
Aug 20, 2006
We have all seen the Motorola ads featuring Abhishek Bacchan. Now it seems that the new poster boy of Bollywood is not happy with the ads that are being telecast on channels. Why? Well he feels that the ads do not feature him but the Motorola handsets. All the focus is on the phone and not on him.

It is quite natural for a star to get upset by such things. After all they are used to getting a lion’s share of the attention in all the movies that they do. They expect to get the same kind of attention in the ads. But sadly in this case it does not seem to have happened. All those who have seen the ads will know. But the strange thing here is that the ads seem to be quite popular and are doing no harm to Abhishek’s image (the one that he found recently after a search of nearly 4 years). He might as well allow the ad filmmakers to continue in their own style.

He might also do well to remember that the ad filmmakers are not trying to make him more popular, but are trying to sell the phones. So they would naturally be focusing more on the phone. Also Abhishek has not got to that stage of his career where products sell just by his name, the senior Bacchan might be in that category.

But that is not stopping Abhishek. He has reportedly said that he is going to see to it that the ads made in future focus more on him. Will Motorola agree, after all they want to sell their phones and not brand Bacchan. ‘ Abhishek vs. Motorola.’

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