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Kamal Haasan to play a Robot in Endhiran
In what is definitely the biggest development in Tamil cinema in recent times, there have been reports from very reliable sources that Kamal Haasan will be seen in a very important role in Shankar’s Endhiran starring Superstar Rajinikanth. Pinch yourself if you think this is a dream. The Kamal-Rajini combination is coming again after more than 20 years. The wait is finally over.

We all know that Endhiran has been in Shankar’s mind for a very long time now, nearly a decade to be precise. We can trace the beginnings of Endhiran (first called Robot) to Kamal itself. The first time we heard about Robot, it was said that Shankar planned to do the movie with Kamal Haasan in the lead. But, as destiny would have it, the movie got postponed. Years later, Robot got very close to moving out of Kollywood when Shahrukh Khan heard the
  Kamal & Rajini

story from Shankar and expressed his interest. Hrithik Roshan too is said to have been in the loop for Robot. All this while, Shankar had planned the two roles in the movie (the robot and the scientist) to be done by different actors. But, it is thanks to Aamir Khan that Shankar started to think seriously about getting the same actor to do both the roles. Upon hearing the story, Aamir Khan had asked Shankar to let him do both the roles. After being very close to deciding upon making Robot in Hindi, Shankar finally returned to Kollywood, Robot was back in Tamil. By this time, almost every top actor in Bollywood and Kollywood knew the basic outline of Robot.

After the huge success of Sivaji, Shankar thought, ‘why not Superstar himself in the lead roles’? What many of us don’t know at this point is that Robot had been first narrated to Superstar, even before Kamal heard it for the first time. So, Robot was revived as Endhiran with Superstar in the lead; the movie had come back to the person to whom it was first narrated. Robot had come full circle to become Endhiran.

However, there is more to Endhiran than just what we heard till now. Rajinikanth plays two roles, the scientist and the robot. But the robot played by Superstar has a strong comic streak and is in fact a failed version of what was supposed to be a powerful Robot. The comic robot will be handling most of the comedy track in Endhiran and shooting for most of these portions is over. But, Rajinikanth the scientist actually manages to create a really powerful and intelligent robot according to his plans. This robot will be central to the movie, it will be a role of equal importance to that of Superstar’s.

The original plan was for Rajinikanth to do this role too. But seeing that the role had groundbreaking potential, Superstar made a suggestion to Shankar, ‘why not approach Kamal’? Shankar was circumspect, not sure whether Kamal would be interested. Superstar took it upon himself and approached Universal Star and more importantly his old buddy. There was no way Kamal could have turned down Rajinikanth. The dream team is back.

Kamal, currently involved in Thalaivan Irukkiran has asked for some time to wrap up the movie. Being a short term project, it is expected to wrap up soon and release in July. Kamal will shed his beard and join Superstar for Endhiran as soon as shooting is wrapped up for Thalaivan Irukkiran. Endhiran will definitely be the biggest festival Tamil cinema has seen.

When Shankar was contacted to confirm these reports, he said, ‘I don’t want to respond to such April Fool questions’.

He he .. Caught you!!! Wake up wise guy, Its April fools day!

Disclaimer : The content in this article is a figment of our imagination and is not targeted to hurt anyone living, dead or otherwise. If we have given you false hopes, then we sincerely regret it. On a finishing note, we sincerely hope that all the hollow things said above actually turn out to be true. Once again….. April fooool!!!

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