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The dynamic four heroes of Kollywood
Variety is the buzzword in Kollywood these days. No one is sitting around with their signature style of films and acting for very long. Everyone is trying their hand at something very different from time to time. The recent success of some very offbeat and unexplored themes in Tamil cinema has set the ball rolling in the right direction. Poi Solla Porom, Naan Kadavul, Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu are all examples of movies which stood out for their uniqueness in terms of theme and treatment. Now, everyone wants to have something novel in each of their films, perhaps not groundbreaking or non-mainstream, but definitely something different - get ups, dialects, make up or even the movie’s genre.

It is glad to know that the forthcoming films of most of our
  The dynamic four heroes of Kollywood

frontline heroes will have something new on offer for the audiences. Kamal Haasan has been Indian cinema’s ambassador of experimentation, so we are not discussing his films here. We are talking about the forthcoming films of Ajith, Vijay, Dhanush and Silambarasan. What’s so different in their new films, one might ask? Well, here are some things that might stand out once the films make it to the screen.

First, Ajith’s Asal. From what we have heard and garnered, Ajith will be playing an international don, sounds familiar! Does ring a bell, it reminds us of Billa. But Ajith, known for a lot of makeovers or experiments with his looks, has decided to go for a very striking feature this time – the handlebar sideburns. We have seen a few snaps of him sporting a semblance of what we might get to see in the movie, it sure does look good. While being reminiscent of Kamal’s absolutely huge sideburns from Virumaandi, these will definitely lend a novel feel to Ajith’s already handsome looks. Let’s hope that the positive vibes of the new look rubs off on the movie too.

Vijay has already got cracking with Vettaikaran, shooting began in early March. There are all the makings of a regular Vijay entertainer. But, Ilaiya Thalapathi too will be making a few very noticeable changes to his looks. Information from the unit suggests that he will be seen in more than one get-up in the movie and that one of the get-ups will have Vijay sporting a flowing mane. Now, that is most definitely a first for Vijay and will be eagerly looked forward to by his fans. However, unlike Ajith’s Asal look, the details of Vijay’s new look have yet to be decided. We will have to wait for confirmation.

Then there is Dhanush who is leaving his comfort zone – Chennai. Most of Dhanush’s successful movies have been based in the city with the actor playing the typical irresponsible youth, mouthing the local slang to perfection. It has become a trademark Dhanush trait. But, this time he has chosen to go in for an experiment, leaving the city roads for the rustic lanes of Madurai and a more turbulent story with Aadukalam. The change of base to Madurai also necessitates a sea change in Tamil slang; Dhanush has reportedly trained hard to get the perfect Madurai accent.

Silambarasan is going in for a very normal appearance doing away with the style quotient to a large extent in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. His fans generally love his flamboyance and style on screen, but he decided that the director’s vision of the character was right and thus will come across as a very simple young professional.

That’s what the top young heroes of Kollywood are up to at the moment. They sure are trying to be dynamic enough to keep the audience interested. The audience is in for something new in 2009; let’s hope all of them are liked.

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