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Thirumagan: Strong story, weak script
Movie review

Thirumagan movie review

Cast : S.J.Suryah, Meera Jasmine, Malavika, Radha Ravi

Direction: Ratnakumar

Music: Deva

Production : Kalaipuli S.Thanu

A good movie is a result of a combination of many factors. A good story, tight screenplay, good performances and other technical aspects contribute towards the final product. Of these, the story and screenplay are of paramount importance and even if one of them fails to impress then the final product falls flat. Good stories deserve a good narration on screen; it is a disappointment when we see a good story falling apart for lack of proper narration. Thirumagan falls into this category. For anyone who has seen the movie there would be no two thoughts about the story; it has enough strength in itself to deliver.
Set in the rustic environment of a village, Thirumagan is the story of a man (S.J.Suryah) who has to decide between three women in his life. His lady love (Meera Jasmine), his uncle’s daughter and the daughter of his father’s friend. The movie is all about which woman he marries and all the troubles that he has to face en route to the decision. The movie opens showing the romance between Suryah and Meera Jasmine. The chemistry between the lead pair appears to be very natural and original. One might just start wondering whether the rumors that were doing the rounds about a planned marriage were after all true. Too much of anything, however good it may be, doesn’t look good on screen. After a point of time the mushy romantic scenes seem repetitive, you want the story to move on. The first half meanders by. But things look up in the second half.
The senior members of the cast have added a lot of strength to the movie. Radha Ravi has given a dignified and strong performance. Vijayakumar too leaves an impression. Ilavarasu has managed to touch a chord with his portrayal. He has adjusted his body language and accent to suit the character. The scenes featuring these three actors have a lot of impact and are among the best parts of the movie.
Ranjith as Suryah’s nemesis does well. The unrest between the two has been built well into the script and so when they come to blows close to the climax it is very convincing. Ranjith’s portrayal has added strength to Suryah’s character. S.J.Suryah’s first release after Kalvanin Kadhali, almost a year back and he seems to have used the year pretty well. He has put on a bit of weight, looks healthier and is likely to be accepted as hero by many more people. He is no longer the bony haggard looking guy that you saw in New and A.. Aaah… You can see that he has put in considerable efforts for the dance sequences.

The stand out performer of the movie is without doubt Meera Jasmine. She proves that her National award performance was not a flash in the pan. Be it in the romantic scenes, duets, or emotional scenes, she excels.
The real clincher is the scene in the climax in which she breaks down and cries without shedding tears. You can see the tears brimming in her eyes and the pain that she takes to hold them back. Her eyes say a lot in this scene; she manages to move the audience.
The music for Thirumagan by Deva has nothing new. Within the confines of the script Deva has managed to give a rural flavor. The two songs, Thatti Thatti and Ithikku Thana have turned out really well. In other department; Vairamuthu is at his usual fluent self, Venu captures lots of colors through his lens. The usual S.J.Suryah double entendres are present which might put off family audience. Otherwise he exercises restraint.

Summing up the movie, one might not be wrong in saying that the movie begins and ends within the last thirty minutes and those thirty minutes are truly riveting. The first half, looking at the depth of the story, is a let down. Scripting done by the director himself certainly needed more attention.
Dialogues too offer nothing novel. The rift between director and Suryah seems to have hindered creative processes to a certain extent. All in all; not a bad choice if you want to have a relaxed evening in the theater.

But looking at the movie as a commercial prospect one does not see it becoming a hit. Audience might just get impatient in the first half and decide that the movie is not worthwhile. Add to it, the competition at the box office these days, Thirumagan is going to find it difficult to make it big. Acceptance is difficult.

Thirumagan: a story that deserved better.
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