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Aalwar: Ajith is the saving grace
Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Ajith Asin

Aalwar: movie review - Ajith is the saving grace

Cast : Ajith, Asin, Vivek, Manorama

Direction: Chella

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production : Mohan Natarajan

When a director debuts, great things are not expected. It is unfair to ask a newcomer to match up to the more experienced hands in the field. However, the debutant is expected not to make a complete hash of the job at hand. Chella somehow manages to do exactly that. He had with him, all the makings of a winner. Ajith, hot after Varalaaru; Asin and Ajith’s pair in Varalaaru, Vivek and a few others. But the movie does not live up to what was expected from Ajith after Varalaaru’s success.
Beginning with the script, (written by the director himself) it stops and starts every few minutes. The momentum is never really gathered, it’s all in fits and starts. The script writer appears confused as to how he wants to treat the movie. The movie begins with Ajith being shown as a priest (Aalwar) in a temple. Righteous as the hero is supposed to be, he becomes a thorn in the flesh of a few devious guys. They wipe out his family and what follows is the hero’s saga of vengeance. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. But things could have been executed well even with this pretty jaded storyline. The director’s immaturity shows through. He tries to delight Ajith fans in a very honest attempt but sadly falls short.
Ajith’s presence is the only thing that makes one sit through the movie. Scenes involving the Ultimate Star leave an impression. But the moment he is off the screen the movie sags and drags until he returns again. Other characters have not been well etched. Asin is wasted. She comes and goes in the songs. The few scenes that she has, appear tiring. Keerthi Chawla, the other heroine has almost nothing to do. Vivek, out of form for quite some time continues his lean patch. His attempt at making the audience smile elicits little response; the script too fails to support him.
Veteran, Manorama comes and goes, not much to mention. The main villain’s ‘cast in stone’ expressions do not help the cause of the movie. He does not look threatening enough to give strength to Ajith’s character. The fight scenes, choreographed by Super Subbarayan are one of the few highlights of the movie. Ajith has performed each one of them wholeheartedly, hats off to him. Camerawork too maintains respectable standards. Music by Srikanth Deva is ordinary at best. It doest not support or do much harm to the cause of the movie.

All in all, a movie that fails to impress because of the director’s inexperience. Cannot say that Chella has no future, but he needs to work very hard on his script writing and presentation. Ajith on the other hand squanders all his hard work with a poor choice of film. He certainly must pay more attention to the offers that he accepts. Being a director’s actor is fine, but he must know where to draw the line and ask for better handling. As an actor and star, Ajith does his lot with commitment.

Aalwar : Only for Ajith.

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