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Mozhi the vivacious language (of love)
Jyothika & Prithvijaj

Mozhi movie review

Cast : Prithviraj, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Swarnamalya, Brahmanadam, M. S. Bhaskar

Direction: Radha Mohan

Music: Vidyasagar

Production : Prakash Raj

The Path breaker

A couple of songs with a completely drenched heroine with lewd and suggestive movements to satiate the front benchers, an emaciated hero ripping apart an entire clan of well nourished thugs in the most unrealistic manner, comedy tracks with double entendres – well, these are some of the constants in film industry which are followed stringently and religiously to record success at the box office and to hear the cash box jingling. Occasionally few movies break this mould and emerge triumphant. Mozhi directed by Radha Mohan and produced for duet films by Prakash Raj is certainly one of those path breakers.
Prakash Raj, the film maker

In the glamour world, Prakash Raj stands out tall and high among the diverse film makers whose primary or the only objective is to increase their financial assets. His obstinacy and tenacity in bringing out quality films and talents to the fore is highly commendable. In this quality of his, he stands next only to the legendary Mahendran who classifies films into two categories. They are hit films and classy films. The first kind will fade away swiftly while the second type transcends the barrier of time and sustains its flavor for eternity. Mozhi is qualified completely to become the second category of films.
Jyothika & Prithviraj
Mozhi and Characters

Mozhi is a poignant tale of four people who are in love with love and life. Prithviraj and Prakash Raj are friends who work for the film world as musicians. Prithvi and Jyothika stay in the same apartment complex. Jyothika is a deaf and dumb girl for whom Prithviraj falls for. Their relationship starts out on a friendly note. But when Prithivi expresses his love, he receives a strong slap as answer. For Prithviraj this film is sure to be etched in his memory for a long time. As usual Jyothika sparkles. She as Archana expresses laughter, anger, sorrow and a host of myriad emotions just with sign language with consummate ease. Jo, we sure are going to miss you…Director marks his stamp in the introductory scene of Jyothika when she counters a drunkard who abuses his wife.
As usual Prakash Raj is at his best self especially when he expresses his love to Swarnamalya.
Director and his supporting pillars

Radha Mohan’s zest for a lively narration has been supported by Kathir in art department and K V Guhan in cinematography. Vairamuthu’s pristine verses come alive with Vidya Sagar’s melodious music. Viji, the dialogue writer shines with witty and enjoyable conversation right through. Laughter and joy are the underlying threads upon which the entire movie is woven.

Radha Mohan does it once again. His uncompromising attitude in delivering a neat and family entertainer is remarkable.
Hats off to Prakash Raj for his constant strive to keep the film industry afloat with dignity and passion.

Mozhi for true movie lovers…
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