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Vaaranum Aayiram – Character or Gump?
March 24, 2007
After Pachchaikili Muthucharam, Gautham Menon has become very vulnerable to allegations that his movies are remakes of English originals. Pachchaikili Muthucharam was based on the novel Derailed, a fact admitted by Gautham himself. However, most people took it for granted that the movie was a frame to frame remake of an English movie of the same name starring Jennifer Aniston. Though both movies were based on the same novel, there were differences that went largely unnoticed due to a predetermined notion amongst the viewing public. Needless to say, this half baked propaganda became one of the factors that affected the performance of the movie at the box office. Pachchaikili Muthucharam has been unable to live up to the expectations that were generated by the Gautham-Oscar Movies combine.
Varanam Aayiram
Now the same combination is getting ready to bring out another movie. It will be the Surya starrer Vaaranum Aayiram. Already there have been talks about this movie too being a remake, or at least inspired by another. Buzz started going around that the movie is based on a Russian film titled ‘Character’, a story of ego clashes between father and son. Gautham too had earlier stated that his movie would be based on a father-son relation. Add to this, the synopsis of the story that had been read out at the official launch of Vaaranum Aayiram is said to resemble that of Character.

No one knows how far this is true. One thing is for sure; there would not have been too many people present at the launch who are in the habit of watching Russian movies. Even if there was someone then they better be wise enough to reserve their judgment till Vaaranum Aayiram releases. It is simply not acceptable when anyone but the director of a movie calls it a remake even before a single shot has been taken.

But when Gautham Menon was asked to comment on these allegations, “I am still working on the script. Nothing is finalized. I am not sure from where people get all these kind of news. Vaaranum Aayirum will be my interpretation of Forrest Gump”, said the director emphatically!

Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks, had won the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor for the year 1994 and is considered one of the best inspirational movies of Hollywood.
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