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Surya’s Swift and Kamal’s Tata Sumo!!
It’s the producer who decides
But as ads begin to play an important in various productions, we wonder who actually decides these ad placements? Director/actor Sundar C answers that query by saying, "It is usually the producer who decides, if the ad is in the background or is a part of the scene. He makes a little extra money out of it, and I see nothing wrong in that." Sundar C too has used in-film ads in his films, such as Giri.
For actors, the case is different

But in the case of an actor endorsing a particular brand, the decision falls in their court. Again Sundar C clarifies saying, "It completely depends on the product. For instance, Madhavan, who is acting my next venture, Rendu, has already expressed his conditions on the use of certain ads, which might clash with some of the products he endorses."
In-film ads sure seem to have come a long way, and it all depends on how intelligently the filmmaker and the advertiser can seamlessly blend the ad with the film, without taking away from the aesthetics of the film. Says Kishore of Hattrick, who comes with five years of experience in this business, "It all depends on how cleverly one can use various brands in the film, and of course, they have to gel with the script. Currently, I am discussing with director Saran for his film Vattaram and with Selva for Nenjil Dil Dil on the use of in-film ads."
In-film ads work better

A common opinion shared by producers in the industry is that in-film ads work much better as the advertisers enjoy a better recall value and it works out cheaper than producing commercials for them, even though, as they reveal, actors sometime decline from delivering dialogues that promote a product.
But a Maruti Udyog spokesperson begs to differ about the financial aspects of in-film ads. "While it is true that we do get great mileage through the use of brands intelligently in cinema, it is still only a brand building exercise and cannot be compared with the production of commercials. Both serve different purposes and both are indispensable for us. So there really is no scenario where we save money on commercials."
Whatever the arguments, in-film ads are here to stay, whether for better or for worse is yet to be seen. Literally!
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