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How Kamal tried his best and why S J Surya went wild?
Any movie produced in India or any movie imported to be distributed and shown in India has to go through the Censor Board for certification. Only after it is certified can it be shown in Indian theatres.

The Cinematograph Act lays down that a film has to be certified keeping the interests of sovereignty, integrity and security of India, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, morality etc. in mind.
‘U’ - The most sought after certificate is the U certificate. A movie carrying U can be seen by the general public no matter what age group it belongs. Does it stand for Universal? Yes!

Producers and directors, when they screen their movie, hope to get the U certificate. Kamal tried his best to get this U for his Mumbai Express and he got it at the expense of a song that he believed would make the movie a hit. Director SJ Surya got wild at one jury that he is reported to have thrown his hand phone on the person. A case is in the court in connection with this episode.
Censor Certificate
‘A’ - The second certificate comes with A. commonly interpreted as adults only; this certificate is given to movies that are not suitable to be viewed by children and persons under 18

‘U/A’ - Some movies are given UA. These are the movies that can be viewed by children over the age of 12 but under parental guidance. They may have scenes of violence or sex or they may have dialogue that can influence a young mind negatively if no proper guidance or explanation is given.
S’ - Movies that carry S deal with matter that pertain to defense, medicine, criminology and other allied fields.

Apart from these symbols, if you notice a solid triangle symbol at the corner of the certificate or the publicity poster, it means that the board has objected some scenes and they have been removed from the film.

Well, so much for the certificates issued by the Censor Board.
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