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Interview Team : D Meera Chithirappaavai; Avudaiappan; Jeevakaran; Jyothsna

When the world is going Kolaveri and Dandanakka here is Kabilan Vairamuthu, younger son of Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu who sticks to his poetic standards when it comes to lyrics. Read on to catch a quick and lively conversation between Kabilan and Meera.

Why is that you are so passionate about poetry?

The only natural language available to us is human emotion. All other language forms are man made arrangements to translate those emotions. To me Poetry is one form that can effectively and truly reflect our emotional behavior. Lyric writing is at its’ best when treated with poetry.

How do you classify your style of lyric writing?

We have traveled too much into the information age. What these continuous in flow of communication has done to us is that it has stopped us from listening to ourselves. We don’t respect our own emotions. We are lost in the virtual world and tend to forget the person who is physically in front of us. There is a lot of neglected humanness in every moment of our day to day life. I wish to bring in those nuances in all my writing. I want my lyrics to be more human and hearty. Not only for lyrics, I am trying to apply this to all forms of my writing including poetry, short stories, novels and dialogues. I have named this genre of creativity as LIFOTAINMENT.

 I have named this genre of creativity as LIFOTAINMENT.

As you mentioned you started writing in a tender age of 8 but why you went on to pursue an undergraduate in Engineering. Why not a direct entry into writing ?

I never had an idea of entering cinema when I started writing. I am lucky enough to have earned experience in multiple industries. I did my engineering in IT and I was placed in a company called I-Nautix and I served as a application developer for two years. Later I went to Australia to do my masters since my IT job had less space for creativity. I completed my masters in "communication for social change" under the school of journalism in University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

While I was doing my masters I wrote my first novel and also a complete script which I aspired to film in my return to India. After I came back, my efforts to film the script did not work to my favour so I stayed away from cinema. I worked as a guest lecture in the journalism department in the University of Madras for a period of 1 year.

That was the time when a team was designing Puthiyathalaimurai TV news channel and I was invited to take part in the commissioning of the channel under the leadership of Late. Mr.Bala Kailasam. My journalism education came in handy when I joined the channel and I served as an executive producer for more than two years. But I was not able to find time to write which is my fundamental passion and I decided to bring writing to the main stream.

Now I am doing what I wanted to, full time into writing and cinema. My idea is to convert my poems into songs and novels and short stories into films. I see cinema as a final stop for which I have gained all these experiences.

I see cinema as a final stop for which I have gained all these experiences.

We have heard that Vairamuthu sir used to send you and your brother to a mechanic shop during vacations to understand the reality of life... So any incident you would like to revisit from that

Yes. We used to spend our vacations in mechanic shops and medical shops as our father wanted us to learn the intricacies of life in different domains. He also insisted that we met more people and understood what they were with respect to their lifestyle and standards which I think is the fundamental lesson for our living. I worked 2 years as a table waiter in a restaurant in Australia when i was doing my masters in journalism and I feel these experiences help one to gain more confidence and patience in life.

What is your thought on Karky’s lyric engineering?

Lyric engineering in the first place is a high end technical project happening in Karky Research Foundation. It is a unique experiment to automate lyric writing. A vibrant team under Karky is working on various such projects with a vision to put tamil on the digital map. In terms of lyric writing for films I see it as a new term given to an ever ongoing process. All lyricists are lyric engineers. To me the best lyric engineer of all times is pattukottai kalyanasundaram. He not only mastered the technique of lyric writing, but engineered the society through his lyrics.

To me the best lyric engineer of all times is pattukottai kalyanasundaram. 

Love for Tamil... is it because of your father or you would be the same otherwise?

Any child that grows in a background where both the parents are poets and where the grandpa is a tamil professor tend to have natural orientation towards the language and I am no exception. My father is a big source of inspiration to many. I see him as an identity and not as a celebrity.

I see him as an identity and not as a celebrity.

‘Nizhala Nijama’ from Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maattan has deep phrases on first love?

It is a beautiful situation. It is a song on first love that was missed. The director demanded more obscurity into the lyrics as the person who is singing it is in a state of chaos and confusion. I have used oxymoron statements like “paravasa bayam, kalavara sugam, punnagai sinam”. There is a science that says the eyeballs remain the same in spite of our age. I have used this information to stress the beauty of first love. “mugangal muthumai adainthaalum kooda kannin manigal maarathadi – kanmanigal maariponaalum athile muthalaam kaadhal marayaathadi”

Your support system…

It is definitely my family. My wife Ramya is a doctor by profession. she is the busiest person in our family. I used to punish her often by asking her to read my books and to listen my songs. She is my first critic and is a constant source of encouragement to me. Her opinions are always genuine.


Word game with the poet!
Give me a tamil word that is synonymous to the names of the following lyricists.

Kannadasan -தத்துவம்

Pattukottai - பாட்டுக்கோட்டை

Vaali - ஜாலி

Vairamuthu - கள்ளிக்காட்டு இதிகாசம்

Karky - கணினிக்காட்டு இதிகாசம்

What do you think is need of the hour in Tamil Cinema?

Re-defining heroism, and establishing a clinical support system for the release of small scale films.

Your Ongoing Projects?

I am writing lyrics for Gautham karthik’s next Indrajith, Kalam a horror flick, Mathiyal Vel, director Barathiraja’s Om, Pandigai and few other untitled films. I am happy to share that I am co-writing the script for a reputed director’s next. There are couple more projects for which I am penning the dialogues and assisting in screenplay.




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