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Interview Team : Vaishnavi; Arjun; L Karthik; Venkat; Jyothsna

With Pokkiri Raja having released today, March 4th, 2016, director Ramprakash is in a great state of euphoria. Bubbling with enthusiasm, he engages in a fun chat with Vaishnavi.


How different is Pokkiri Raja from your previous ventures?

Pokkiri Raja is a fun fantasy. We have a surprise element that will travel through the movie and make it interesting. It’s a mix of all genres like romance, thriller, action, drama and is a sure entertainer.


Reportedly, Jiiva was ready to produce Pokkiri Raja. What was the reason?

Yes Jiiva sir was very much impressed with the script, so he offered to produce it in the first place. Later much to our happiness, Selvakumar also came forward and was ready to bankroll it with Jiiva as the protagonist; so we went ahead with it.


You shifted from Harris Jayaraj to Imman for music. Why?

Well, we wanted to complete the entire movie in four months and Harris Jayaraj sir was very busy. He stated that it might be difficult to make it within the stipulated time so we switched to Imman and I am very happy with the outcome indeed.

Harris Jayaraj sir was very busy


Given it is a lover boy role, what made you choose Jiiva?

Jiiva is a real life lover boy. We just trimmed his mush and stubble which gave him the required make-overlook. It was easy to project him as a chocolate boy given his look and innocence loaded mannerisms.

Jiiva is a real life lover boy.


How did Sibiraj come into the equation?

When I told Sibiraj the story, he had second thoughts. He stated, “Please give me some time, I’ll think about it and will get back to you”. However when his father, Sathyaraj heard it, he told him that if Sibi does not do it, he himself will do. This gave Sibi a shock. Later on, he stated that he was very satisfied that he made use of this opportunity.

This gave Sibi a shock.


What is Sibiraj’s role in the venture?

Sibiraj is like the second hero and not the villain. I would say that this is a never-before-seen side of him for the audience.

Sibiraj is like the second hero and not the villain.


Any specific reason for choosing Jiiva-Hansika combo?

As soon as I projected this to Jiiva he stated Hansika wanted to collaborate with him since a long time. Given that both of them have been already talking about it I went ahead with this for their combo also looks good.

Jiiva stated that Hansika wanted to collaborate with him since a long time.


What do you think is the best trait of;

Jiiva- Jiiva is down to earth and flexible. He never has any second thoughts on how will this role affect his image and performs according to the director’s requirement.

Hansika- Hansika is very sincere. She doesn’t memorise the dialogues but asks how to react and gives the correct lip sync for every scene which will be of great use to dubbing artists. I think this is her best trait because that shows that she cares for others. To be perfect, I wish that she learns a bit of Tamil because that will help her in the long run, isn’t it?

Sibiraj- Sibiraj is very observant and patient. Even after his part of the shoot is over, he will stay back and observe people around to learn. I wish that he works out a bit and becomes more macho. Being that tall, if he works out; Sibiraj will be totally unstoppable.

Being that tall, if he works out; Sibiraj will be totally unstoppable.


If needed will you direct a commercial movie?

Yes I will, but it should have something new to be projective about it. I try to make my stories as creative as possible. Any concept can be made commercial if we believe in it, is my opinion. Also, I don’t want to stick to a particular genre. People mustn't be able to predict what kind of movie we will come up with for the next.


So, who will you cast?

Well, I hope to direct both Vijay and Ajith at the same time (laughs loudly).



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