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Interview Team : Abishek Raaja

Director Sathya Prabhas and Actor Aadhi share their views on Yaagavarayinum Naa Kaakka.


There had been a set of legendary brothers’ combination in the industry. What about you both?

Sathya Prabhas: To be very frank, I did not work with Aadhi just because he's my brother. Same goes to him; he didn't select the script just for me or my dad producing this movie. He gets very choosy on script selection. We haven't thought of anything as such like a legendary brother combination or something. Let's see what post YNK success has in store for us. We saw it as working together, not a combination. If people see a sellable, successful duo, we are more than happy to work together in the future.

Aadhi: Absolute waste of time! On the sets, it was director- actor, not brothers. In fact, I would wish him to go work with bigger actors and find a place for himself in the industry.


Why Aadhi for this film?

Sathya Prabhas: I never thought of an actor in mind, when I wrote the script. There were some nice friends in the industry with whom I shared the idea of the film. They suggested me to go to an established actor than fresh faces. Some did get me big producers and actors to work on this. But, Aadhi fit the bill completely. I wanted an actor and not a star. The lead character in this film has got a couple of shades. Aadhi has gone through that variety of shades through his previous films. Hence Aadhi.  

Aadhi: Thanks to my brother for being nice to me. I got the opportunity to star in such a meaty role with so much to do than just run behind a girl and bash up the baddie. I was also on a spree of listening to scripts. My brother had told about the real event years before on which this movie is actually based on. I have totally consumed the event that happened to my brother's friend for quite some time now. I strongly felt, I can justify the role.

I have totally consumed the event that happened to my brother's friend


What is YNK all about? Why into films?

Sathya Prabhas: I don't want to give too much about the plot, but YNK is an actual event that happened to my friend in the eve of 2000. I finished my MBA in London and was offered lucrative dream corporate jobs. But this undying passion in me for cinema which I probably get from my family which has been into film production for decades, made me do a two year course on film making in America. When I started assisting in films like M. Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi, that's when I realized, I have to be a film maker somehow. A word is very powerful. It has the power to heal, hurt, motivate and demotivate. One needs to exercise caution on what he/she talks. Can a word change the lives of four people? That is what YNK is all about. Then, I was brought up here. I connect to this state, it's, language, people and culture more than Andhra, that’s why I wanted to do a Tamil film at the first.  

Aadhi: YNK is a movie with a difference. I think I’ve already told it. YNK is a gripping thriller based on a real event. You will for sure be entertained with an expectancy level. There are lists of actors who've partnered with us to make this a wholesome product.


How challenging was it to transliterate a real life incident into a movie?

Sathya Prabhas: I will make films from the slices of life. Extremely real and relatable. Since YNK is based on what happened to my friend, I have been exposed to the whole happening, so to make into a story and take a film out of it was easier. Keeping the major plot as the premise, we've used the cinematic liberty to dramatise the events. But still, the hero's fight for truth, the friendship and love portions will all be so believable. All that went into me was to give an interesting screenplay with this emotionally strong event. The film that you're going to watch is the 22nd draft of the script. I have worked more than 1 and half years for this.

Aadhi: YNK being a true incident, I had to have a closer look on who went through what. It was completely a new experience for me to approach a real life character on what was his way of responding to what we've conceived in the film. Till date, I've done fictional roles. This in particular, briefed by my director-brother, has brought a different dimension in me.


Post YNK what plans?

Sathya Prabhas: I don't have a plan for sure. It all depends on how YNK fares at the box office. After not wanting to work with my dad, I went and assisted for a slew of films. With different ideas in mind, I zeroed in on YNK to be my first film after graduating from the film school in America. It has almost taken ten years for YNK to happen. So I've given my heart and soul to this film and it will strike a chord with the audience.

Aadhi: I don’t know if I'm going to wake up tomorrow. I generally don't invest thoughts about the future. Post YNK, I've planned to do three quickies which will also depend on what YNK does to my career.


What sort of expectations do you want the audience to have in mind while coming to watch YNK?

Sathya Prabhas: Whatever be the level of expectation, people are bound to walk out satisfied. This is the confidence I have in my team and the film we've made giving everything we got. For the ticket and time they spend, audience will go back with some definitely to take.  

Aadhi: Come with lots of expectations, you'll be entertained for sure. But I would like to say something here. People develop an understanding of the movie by the posters, teasers and trailers. These are just attention grabbing tools we use for promotion. Please don't gauge the movie based on all this. YNK has lots of surprises for you.


Some light on the cast and crew?

Sathya Prabhas: I've been extremely lucky to have great stars and actors like Mithun Chakraborty, Pasupathy, Naren and Kitty. These people gave me the confidence of my vision. The editor and cinematographer Shanmuga Sundaram were the very first people I approached after done with the script. They are the major strength behind the output you'll see. The music directors, there are three of them; they are literally like blood brothers to me. Their commitment levels floored me. Leaving out two to three big films for this, tells their passion on delivering quality product. Even Aadhi was ready to miss out on lots more for this film. Without such people and a delightful production company, YNK would have just been a bounded script. Heroine Nikki Galrani will go a long way. She's a bundle of talent and dedication. She's done pages of dialogues effortlessly. I'm blessed to get such a team.  

Aadhi: This film was family to me and will continue to be. I love Pasupathy anna as much I love my brother Sathya. From the Aravaan days, Pasupathy anna has given so much to me both as an actor and a great human being. Watching Mithun dada act was a gift. He's child at heart. The minute the director says action, he transforms into this powerhouse performer. Nikki Galrani will soon be a star to reckon with. A sweet co -artist who has dubbed for both in Tamil and Telugu. I will miss team YNK.


How are you as brothers?

Sathya Prabhas: I am more like a father figure to him. That's what he says. I have a different set of friends and he has a different set of friends. We haven't had discussions on girl friends and stuff. It’s been a matured sort of relationship. I love him to death and he loves me more than anybody. We support and comprehend each other. I will be there for him always. I have not been partial to him even a bit. Everybody got the same treatment. In fact, I've been a little more than stubborn with him on the sets. I purely went by the script and had no special considerations and compromises for the hero. That way, my brother has been super cooperative.   

Aadhi: The first two, three days were a little weird seeing my elder brother directing us. Later on, I was taken aback by the professionalism he had. As a brother, he's been very straight forward and from the heart. I depend on him always. The director in my brother is giving me more reasons to look upon him. He will make the right noise.


With your dad producing it, how was the production side's involvement?

Sathya Prabhas: With loads of deserving people out there waiting for a chance to direct a movie, I've had this golden opportunity for my debut film with such a big canvas. But money is still money. I went by the budget with advanced planning and proper execution. From my childhood days, when I occasionally take up things, I give it all and get the results. Same goes with film making. I earned the trust and hence made the movie. I demanded where it required and I haven't' creatively compromised at any point.    

Aadhi: I was paid for the movie and it was a movie that could help my career growth. That's how I saw it. It was like getting to know the mileage of a bike I ride and feel bad for it. But, I would go to accounts department and ask for weekly spending. We're glad about curtailing the extras.



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