An ode to our Superstar
By Behindwoods Visitor Shreesha B.U
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In this world of heightened exhibitionism, where people take pains to be who they aren’t and who they would like to be and present themselves different, sadly ashamed of their true self, it takes courage to bare oneself honestly without any pretence. You can see this in every specter of this world and when you take the entertainment world where stars turn into someone different every movie and behave extraordinary when they are out of it, you tend to forgive them for their tantrums and their starry behavior because they are never themselves save when asleep. And then you notice one man very unassuming, absolutely disconnected from the media glare on him, talking honestly, straight from his heart, ignoring diplomacy, stamping out star value and bares it, all you know it can be only RAJINIKANTH

Many incidents come to mind... The Cauvery fast, when almost the entire film fraternity questioned his stand, he courageously went on to fast alone unmindful of the repercussions he would face. His legion of fans went berserk and the result was there to see. When a politician dragged him into an unnecessary controversy he refused to bite the bait clearly aware it’s the followers on either side who will bear the brunt not the leaders who sit comfy in their rooms releasing statements.

And quite recently at Kamal 50, he reached the apex of humility. Its world knowledge that Rajini is the bigger star and Kamal the better actor. When stars and sports heroes agitate at comparisons being made, it takes sheer guts and honesty to admit Kamal was a better actor and there was nothing Kamal couldn’t do. To even attribute his .
stardom and star value to Kamal was sheer candor. What was more appealing was the fact that there was not even a hint of misery or resentment in his speech. Every word was spoken in gratitude and earnestness. For a man who would have still hogged the limelight had he just gone up there and congratulated Kamal for his 50 with a handshake, few nice statements and a warm hug, he only deemed it fit to express his thankfulness to the man who he felt made him who he is today. Let’s salute this remarkable man for his even more remarkable gesture. Kamal Haasan did point that out later. In this dog bite dog world it was very poetic to see two fierce rivals on screen embrace into a very warm sincere hug appreciating each other for what they were and for a change it wasn’t a scene out of a movie it was for real. I am proud to be a Rajini Fan

Shreesha B.U

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