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By Behindwoods Visitor V.Haricharan
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Tamil Cinema has seen its share of remakes. We’ve had remakes ranging from copying scenes from Mission Impossible in En Swaasa Kaatre, to an entire movie being remade, like Villu from Soldier, Aegan from Main Hoon Na and Kanden Kadhalai from Jab We Met. What is so special about these remade movies? Nothing! The remakes lost their sheen, and the remakers lost their touch. There was absolutely no originality in the way the screenplay unfolded. Most of them were scene by scene remakes, some had poor music. Some even sloppy comedy. Then what was that, that made the original tick? What was the Midas touch in the original? Unfortunately that is one question, none of us, except the original creator, can answer. Maybe it’s his/her passion. Maybe pure luck. But either way, we have to give them their due.

The other day, I saw this Filipino movie starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz, and fell in love with it. It is actually a sequel to another 2008 movie, starring the same artistes, known as A Very Special Love. In fact after watching the sequel, I watched the prequel too. To say that I was spell bound is to say the least.

The story line for ‘You Changed my Life’ is simple and without any frills. It continues from where it left in the prequel. Miggy wants to marry Laida Magtalas, and Laida has got a better post in the same company as Miggy. So she no longer is together with Miggy as her assistant. But they try to make up for the lost time, as much as possible, by meeting whenever they can and talking to each other whenever possible. Laida Magtalas meets her old schoolmate, who is secretly in love with her but never
You Changed My Life
expresses it. He tries every possible step to get Laida, but realises that Laida is madly and deeply in love with Miggy. Miggy is under great pressure to perform, when he is transferred from his Print Media division to the Garments division of his brother. He is ruthless on the employees and soon they begin to hate him. The tension escalates and all employees call for a strike. Work stops and fingers point at Miggy. Laida stands as Miggy’s support and is with him in every step. Miggy starts afresh and soon things are on track. In the final stages of the story, Laida’s schoolmate, makes the final sacrifice and takes her back to Miggy and Miggy and Laida compromise. Finally Miggy proposes to Laida.

After watching this movie, I was thinking, what if this movie was remade in Tamil. How good it would be? Trust me when I say this. If this movie is remade as it is, it will be a worse flop than Villu and Aegan put together. It requires a number of changes to be made to screenplay. First, let us decide the cast.

As Laida Magtalas – As the cheerful, bubbly girl, who is madly in love and as the emotional, yet balanced executive, the character of Laida Magtalas would suit Trisha to a ‘T’. Moreover, the expressions of Sarah Geronimo resemble Trisha’s in many scenes. Only Trisha can carry this off with élan. Hence my choice, without a trace of doubt.

As Miggy Montenegro – We have plenty of choices here. But we are looking for a serious young man - who wants to prove something in life, but is being bossed about by his father and brother - who is madly in love with Laida Magtalas but is unable to express it to her succinctly – who is actually slightly jealous of the new friend that Laida has got, and is trying to get rid of him. In my opinion, I would hand this down to Navdeep/Rahman/Prasanna/Arya. Though Arya/Trisha chemistry is great, if a choice has to be made, I would go for Navdeep. I feel, he has it in him to become a great actor, if only he channelizes his talents properly. I loved his freshness in Arindhum Ariyaamalum. He would be the ideal foil for Miggy, as the young guy who wants to do something, but his bullied by everybody, and he takes it all out on his employees.

As Miggy’s friend, I would love to choose a comedian to make the character look funny and also to add some genuine comedy in the movie,

(Note: - not like Senthil-Goundamani comedy. I am not against it, but this movie doesn’t warrant a loud comedy which is Goundamani’s forte).

The person has to be good looking, so as to show the audience that the pairing is good, though we can also show it in a comical sense. In this case, I would choose Karunas or Ramesh Aravind. It is a tough choice. I cannot take a decision on this. If I were the director, I would cast them both and pit them against each other (just to bring out the best in both of them)!!

As Miggy’s father, Manivannan/Santhaana Bharathi/Malaysia Vasudevan. If one were to be chosen, then probably Malaysia Vasudevan.

As Miggy’s brother, the character that requires a lot of stiffness, I would like to choose Nasser or maybe Napoleon. The character requires that he is at least 10-15 years older than Miggy, and hates Miggy’s attitude towards life and work. It’s a meaty role with good potential and amazing dialogues.

Moving over to the heroine’s side, as Laida’s father, there is only one name that comes to my mind, Manobala. He can really rock the show as Laida’s dad. He, with his timing, and dialogue delivery, can simply make the audience feel at ease. As heroine’s mother, any middle aged lady can do well, though I feel, Suhasini/Revathi/Shobhana should do well. My apologies if I have hurt anybody by casting these ladies as mothers. But the potential in the character is good.

So, the final cast is

Laida Magtalas: - Trisha

Miggy Montenegro: - Navdeep

Papa Montenegro: - Malaysia Vasudevan

Bro Montenegro: - Nasser

Miggy’s Mom: - Revathi

Miggy’s Pop: - ManoBala

Miggy’s Friend: - Ramesh Aravind

Now coming to the music section, the original was a super-hit, also because of the music. Hence some really romantic songs are needed in this movie. I would prefer Vidyasagar/Joshua Sridhar. Maybe both. Both have this innate ability to tune some really hummable music, when they are in their groove.

Other details such as Camera, Editing, Stills, and Location can be worked out. Though, I would love to write the dialogues and screenplay.

Changes that would have to made in the screenplay would be quite serious, as the original movie had shown dating and going out with a girl as something that is quite common. Though, we have developed a broader outlook towards these things, it might go down well with the multiplex audience, the non-city centres might take a beating, hence some modification has to be made. The changes that we might be making, should, in no way, alter the course of the story or deter it from the main story line. Enough care should be taken for this.

For direction, I would prefer, Balaji Sakthivel or Rajiv Menon, both having proved that genuine romantic movies can be made in Tamil.

The movie can be made on a very light budget, and needs to be marketed well.

S Pictures should have a winner on their hands, should they be willing to take it.

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