Paa - "P"henomenal "A"mitabh's "A"cting
By Behindwoods Visitor DKP Ramakrishnan
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I went to watch Amitabh starrer ‘Paa’ today and to say in one word how I felt -- "Fabulous".

Progeria - It's a rare disease of aging where a child looks like an old person and their life ends around 13-14 years. We are introduced to Auro (Amitabh) from King Edwards School in Lucknow in a function where he receives an award for creativity from Amol (Abhishek), Member of Parliament. Amol and Auro somehow develop an unlikely and a different friendship.

Later Vidya (Vidya Balan) comes to know about this and has a flashback to think on, where we are told that Amol and Vidya were students from Cambridge University and were in Love. Later Vidya becomes pregnant before marriage and Amol is not in a situation to accept her due to his future plans in Indian politics. Vidya plans to go back to India and later gives birth to Auro who is affected by Progeria.

Now coming back, she tries to let Auro know that Amol is his father, but on Amol's birthday she shows a photograph of them together and reveals the truth.

What does Auro do? Does he unite both of them? Did they live happily post that? Watch it on screen to know more.

Amitabh - We need not say anything about this great actor, but in this movie he is not Amitabh but he is Auro. Too good is a very small word to describe his acing at this age of 67 - Truly Amazing performance. He is witty, and scenes in the school with his friends are a real treat to
watch. He calls his grandma ‘Bum’ and when asked why he says "Yes, she's got a big bum!" He travels with Abhishek to Delhi and asks "What if a waterproof bomb comes from gutter and is targeted when you are sitting on a potty reading newspaper? What will your bodyguards do?? Ha ha ha ....!”

Final scenes in hospital really make theatre in pin drop silence and I could even see few wiping their eyes out... A rare scenario for a Bollywood movie..! Hats off to Amitabh..!

Vidya Balan - Extraordinary performance! Scenes where she talks to Amitabh making him feel comfortable and also breaking out into tears when Abhishek comes to her with an apology are well done. I would say this movie will be a milestone in her career for sure.

Abhishek - Tries to come as a young and promising politician and he has played his part to a normal level. Some how I felt he could have emoted more during climax scenes, but yet again it would have become more melodramatic. Pretty decent job by him as well!

Arundathi - She's grandma of Amitabh and her character is impressive as well.

School kids - Few of them who I do not remember the names, but very well done. Each and every scene in the school was enjoyed by all of us.

Technical crew of director Balki has always been an asset for him. He maintains the same team of his earlier directorial venture "Cheeni Kum".

Camera - PC Sriram – It is again well known and no need to write anything about this man. His photography speaks..! A person who was behind few of Mani Ratnam and Kamal Haasan classics have yet again proved himself. Scenes in Cambridge University are a Visual treat.

Music - "Maestro" Ilayaraja - In one of the promos/interview Balki said it is Vintage Ilayaraja and yes he takes this movie to a higher level.

Those who ask why Balki always chooses him - watch this movie for the final 25 minutes where you have very less dialogues and its only expression and back ground score. Few of his songs are his Tamil/Malayalam classics which are evergreen..! It's a splendid performance by Raja.

Finally director Balki - Good work and though the movie is a bit long with some political scenes and about media it's definitely worth a watch and he has given a movie which would take Amitabh to great heights..

My rating for Paa - 4 stars

DKP Ramakrishnan

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