A promise for the future- Kandha Kottai hero
By Behindwoods Visitor E.Senthil Kumar
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I am not a big movie buff or a serious follower of cinema. In fact, I do not even watch all movies that are released. I pick and choose those that would like to see. In the recent past, one young man grabbed my attention and I suppose he did similarly to almost everyone who likes to watch good entertaining movies. No one could have missed out on the ‘Nakka Mukka’ wave that hit Tamil Nadu some time last year. It was no different for me too. One would describe the song as a classic hit or anything of that sort, but it definitely had some infectious energy that got everyone going. Part of that energy, I believe belongs to the man who featured on screen for the song, Nakulan. I listened to the song, liked it and then moved on. I did appreciate the dance moves and the agility of the newcomer. But, what really stumped me was the knowledge that this was the same boy who was the evidently overweight guy in Boys. I just happened to come to know this during a conversation with my friends. The transformation was simply awesome.

Over the last year, he has converted that initial promise to good performances. Of course, I am not calling him the next Kamal Haasan or anything even close to that. But, I definitely feel that this is a young man for the future. Be it Masilamani or the newly released Kandha Kottai, the sincerity and hard work in his performances shines through. In fact Kandha Kottai is the first movie of his that I watched. Otherwise, I have just enjoyed his dance movements in songs.

What I saw in Kandha Kottai really impressed me. The movie kind of had everything that makes a regular
Kandha Kottai
commercial entertainer. Of course, it is the kind of movie that we are used to and is not ground breaking by any standards. Yet, in a way, it is interesting and keeps one engaged till the end. Nakulan must have had lot of confidence and faith in the director to agree to do the role of a youth who is against love. I seriously can’t remember the last time when a hero was seen in such a character. It was really nice to watch a young guy taking up the challenge of non-regular yet commercial role. The difference of opinion that he has with the heroine made me wonder whether they would fall in love at all. But, the twist that leads to the change in mind is really well narrated.

What also impressed me about Nakulan and the movie is the lighter side. One does not expect great comic timing from a young actor in his third movie. But, Kandha Kottai shows that in timing Nakulan will be an able carrier of comic scenes. Even in this move, he has managed to match Santhanam without looking too bad. His action sequences too showed that the young man had done a lot of hard work. Overall, he really looked like an experienced performer. Of course, the men behind Kandha Kottai too need to be congratulated on what they have done, an enjoyable ride of romance and action. But, what struck me most was that Tamil cinema has one more reliable young action-commercial hero for the future. Keep up the good work Nakulan.

E.Senthil Kumar

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