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Tamil Movie Review : Something Something
Finally Jeyam Ravi had got his another break and Trisha is all set to rule again!!
Jayam Ravi & Trisha

Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Trisha, Richa Pallot, Prabhu, Mani Vannan, Vijaya Kumar, Kanja Karuppu, Kalabhavan Mani, Cochin Haneefa.

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Director: Raja

Production: T.Rama Rao, M.Raja
Director M Raja should be applauded for hand picking a cast that makes the movie worth watching. Trisha stands by herself in the movie and the pretty woman makes the movie unforgettable by her commendable presence. Trisha’s screen presence can well be felt even after you are out of the theatres.
Jeyam Ravi is the next name to be mentioned in the cast list. After a couple of flicks that fail to get noticed in the box office, Ravi makes a come back with this. He takes home the honour of playing the young affluent hero in the first half and a simple yet adorable village boy in the latter. The other cast members like Prabhu Bhagyaraj, Geetha, Manivannan, Richa Palod, Tejasree also makes their presence felt with their scintillating performance.

An affluent couple played by Bhagyaraj & Geetha, settled in the UK, flies down to India to attend their close relative’s wedding with the apple of their eyes, their son, Jeyam Ravi.
Jayam Ravi & Trisha
Ravi falls in love with the bride’s best friend Trisha and when the parents discover this, they decide to fly Ravi back to UK. Ravi does a come back but sees trouble in the form of Trisha’s brother Prabhu. The movie narrates the interesting incidents that happen after that and does Ravi win over Trisha’s hand? See it and much more on the silver screen.
Jayam Ravi & Trisha
Good story plus screenplay magic

The director has handled the subject with quite ease and the screenplay sets the movie’s pace faster within twenty minutes of the movie. Raja’s kitty is going to be full in the days to come and ‘Something’ is sure going to be a memorable movie in his career. Seems like the Director has done quite a good research on the pulse of the people coming to cinemas these days and done a brilliant job. Bravo to you Raja.

A bad movie can be made to stand apart from the crowd just with the screenplay; we have examples for the same. But, luckily ‘Something’ has a good story line supported by carefully crafted screenplay, which makes the movie an interesting one.
Jayam Ravi & Trisha
Devi Sriprasad disappoints

Having paid much attention to all the aspects of the movie, seems like the director failed to just notice ‘Devi Sriprasad’. Well he has done his job quite well in two songs and the background score. The rest of the songs just fail to linger in our ears.
Jayam Ravi & Trisha
Hats off to Raja

After a long wait, long pending in the censor board and facing animal welfare boards charges for the usage of animal (a lamb no less) in the movie, and the confusion about it’s name change in the last minute owing to save the entertainment tax, the movie comes across as a refreshing one and does not forget to strike a chord with the audience. Hats off to the director for not banking on just skin show. ‘Something Something’ has everything that can well set the box office collections soaring.
Trisha and Jeyam Ravi add a liberal dash of elegance to make ‘Something’ a work worth remembering.

Impressive show with an impressive line of stars.
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