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  Vijay and Ajith are good pals - Perarasu
  September 9, 2005
  There is a general opinion in film industry that there is a cold war between Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay and Ultimate Star
Ajith. This can be seen in their recent releases. But director Perarasu who is directing Sivakasi with Vijay and Tirupathi with Ajith says that “Ajith and Vijay are good friends. But only persons around them make the news very elusive.” After, the movie Tirupathi was conformed, Vijay was the first to convey wishes to Perarasu. He also added by saying that the film should surely end up in success. Similarly, Ajith has conveyed his wishes for the success of Sivakasi.

S J Surya keeps his fingers crossed over....

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