After featuring as Lawrence's love interest in Pondy, Sneha, the smiling siren of Kollywood is attempting an image make over from a homely damsel to that of an action queen. Sneha on a casual chat with Behindwoods.

"I am not afraid to act with Silambarasan"

It has been said that you are trying a change in your image especially after Pondy. What do you have to say?

Yes. It is true. In Kollywood, people thought about me only wherever there is a homely character. I wanted to change that opinion. That's the reason I chose Pondy where my character was different. The remix song of "Masi masam Aalana Ponnu' was also much talked about. The film recorded success which only goes on to show that audience certainly requires some kind of change from the regular monotony.

How has Achamundu Achamundu shaped up?

Achamundu Achamundu is a lovely subject and is child centric. I act as a responsible mother of a child. When I was working in the film I recalled Shri Abdul Kalam's take on children that one can forget all his worries in the company of children. Director Arun Vaidhyanadan used latest equipments in cinematography and shot for almost a month in the areas of New York and New Jersey. All of us spoke our lines directly on the shooting spot and I have to doubly work hard to get the dialogues and emotions right. We all have worked very hard and I can confidently say that the film is on par with the standards of world cinema and will win awards.

When can we see you acting as a heroine for Super star Rajnikanth?

Although I had a small cameo in Kuselan, I would still love to do an important role in his film. And I am waiting eagerly for the opportunity.

What about national award for best actress?

I am very keen to win a national award and I am working towards it. In fact I have told my mom that I can think about marriage only after winning a national award. I want to accomplish some thing in my acting career before settling in marital bliss.

What about your current projects?

Silambaatam with Simbu, Achamundu Achamundu and Aruvadai. Besides these, Vande Matharam in Telugu. I also have Nootrukku Nooru, Vyjayanthi (Bhavani) I P S and Murattu Kalai. Director Thangar Bachchan has asked me for a project which has not been finalized yet.

You refused to act with Simbu in Kaalai but you are working with him in Silambattam. Can you comment on this?

I have nothing against Simbu and I am not afraid to act with him. I did not like the character that was offered to me in Kaalai but liked my role in Silambattam. There are absolutely no other reasons.

"I did not like the character that was offered to me in Kaalai"

Why a sudden image make over now?

As I had said earlier, I felt bored doing the same kind of roles. Vyjayanthi I P S earned Vijayshanthi a good name and when Arthi Kumar approached me for the same role in a remake film, I instantly agreed. The name has been changed to Bhavani. Photo-shoot has been completed and you can see a new Sneha in the film.

What are the places you visited in America?

We had a hectic schedule during the shoot of Achamundu Achamundu and did not have much of a time. But on the final day I visited few places like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Empire state building.

What do you feel about starring in remake films?

Naan Avanillai directed by Selva was a remake film. I enjoyed working in the film and it earned me a good name. I still have 'Yen enakku Mayakkam' as my ring tone. Generally only popular and successful films are remade as it will have a wider audience base. The treatment of the theme is more important than anything else.

"I have lost many films because of my homely tag"

Do you want to take on more glamorous roles just to shed your homely tag?

Glamour is different from vulgarity and I have never appeared vulgar in any of my films. I have always appeared in a way that my fans will enjoy and approve. In fact I have lost many films because of my homely tag.

What is the role of a heroine in Tamil cinema?

Generally, heroines enjoy a lot of respect in the film industry. It does not stem from the role they play. But there is this image issue also. My role in Pudupettai raised a lot of eyebrows. People wondered why I did that role when I am having a different image in the industry. However I wanted to prove that I can do any kind of role. I can do a small role in a serious film. My role should be spoken about. I would also like to be part of a film which will be appreciated in totality, not just my role.

When are we going to see the actual Sneha in a film?

I have done many films and different roles. There might be some streak of the real Sneha in reel films. But I am yet to do a full length film wherein the entire character is so much like the real one. If it happens well and good! I am open to it.

Who is your favorite director?

Thangar Bachchan is one of the fabulous directors of our times. It was such an enriching experience for me during the shooting of Pallikkoodam. Though I had twelve days of shoot for the film, he had transformed me into Kokila the second day itself. He used to discuss about Kokila in such an exhaustible fashion that the character got drilled into me and I started living like Kokila. I learnt so much about emoting and body language. The manner in which he got out the best from me is remarkable. It was such an unforgettable experience.

Interviewer: Annadurai

Text: Jyothsna

Sharanya Mohan Priyamani Nakul Murugadoss Balaji Sakthivel Tamanna
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