Tamannah Bhatia, who made people sit up and take notice of her in the Rmkv advertisement when she confidently walked to seek the hands of her beloved from his father, is on a roll these days with respect to her career. This talented girl has an enviable array of projects lined up in her kitty. She will be seen in meaningful projects like Gandhi Krishna’s Ananda Thandavam with debutant Siddharth, with Surya in Ayan and with Dhanush in Padikkadavan. Besides this, she is slated to do Kareena Kapoor’s role in the Tamil version of Jab We Met with Bharath. Move over


Trishas, Asins and Nayantharas. Here is a fresh young actress from the north who is out to sweep everyone off their feet with her acting skills and looks.

Meet Tamannah, the most happening actress of today, who is all geared up for a big and successful round in Kollywood in a freewheeling chat with Pradeep Sebastian, our senior editor.


“Surya is a very wonderful human being”

Bw: What are your current projects?

Ta: Currently I have a mixed bag of goodies. Ananda Thandavam, an intense love story, Ayan, a commercial film, Padikkadavan, an out and out comedy and a Telugu film, Konchem Ishtamga Konchem Kashtamga, a feel good love story with Siddharth. I play a very sweet character in it.

About Ananda Thandavam

It is the novel of Sujatha sir and I think the way director Gandhi Krishna has perceived the essence of this novel- Pirivom Sandippom- is really amazing. This film is about unconventional love. It is not your boy meets girls-problems arise- problems diffused-happy ending. In Ananda Thandavam, due to the diverse nature of the lead characters- Raghu and Madhumitha- their love is also different which has not come across in the silver screen for quite some time. The uncommon way in which they perceive love is what makes the film different.

About director Gandhi Krishna

I think Gandhi sir wanted this story to be his first project and has been at it for a long time. I think the way he shot the film is remarkable and the visual appeal is outstanding.

Locations in Ananda Thandavam

We shot a lot of scenes next to the water falls in Papanasam, Ooty; we also went to the US for a month to shoot for the second half. Normally, people go to overseas locales for a song to add glamour or color to the film but in Ananda Thandavam, most of the scenes were shot at very difficult locations. In one of the scenes, the entire crew was in knee deep water near a dam. Everyone worked very hard to beautify every scene. The locations aided to get the feel and flavor of the scene and played a pivotal role in bringing out the emotions while focusing around the two lead characters and their lives.

Any interesting anecdotes from the Ananda Thandavam shoot?

We were shooting in New York for the climax of Ananda Thandavam. It was an important and lengthy scene and we just had a day to complete this. I was preparing for this for quite some time. When I went to the sets and started performing my scenes I struck the right note and was completing my portion in just a single take. In the second or third shot, tears welled up in Gandhi sir’s eyes and he started crying. He was wearing glares and did not want me to see that he was crying. The light crew is from the US and though they did not understand the language, they were also moved. Basically the scene and content was such. I don’t want to go in detail as it would be like revealing the film. Gandhi sir was moved and I was glad that I could reach his expectations.


Gandhi sir started crying

About Madhumitha in Ananda Thandavam

When I first heard the script of Ananda Thandavam, the character of Madhumitha appealed to me and I thought she was simple to be portrayed. But when I went on the sets, I realized she is far more complicated than what I thought her to be when I heard the script. That’s when I started doing my homework to transform into the Madhumitha of Sujatha’s novel. She has a small beautiful world in which she lives happily and is contented with herself.

What about your role in Ayan?

In Ayan, I play the role of a very strong girl who sticks to her word and is very stubborn. She is self disciplined, independent, street smart and knows what she wants.

About Surya

When I did Happy Days and Kalloori, the cast and crew was absolutely new. Now I have an opportunity to work with an experienced and talented actor like Surya in Ayan under the able direction of K V Anand sir. I think Surya is an absolute gentleman and a down-to-earth person. He is in the industry for around a decade and is a versatile actor. The most important thing is that he is very very nice human being and I see the way he moves with his fans outside the shooting hours. His fans love him very much. He is somebody I look up to and I have lots to learn from him. I am really fortunate to be working for A V M banner. We are all working hard and I am sure Ayan will be an enjoyable film.

Dhanush is jovial


About Padikkadavan and Dhanush

Another film I am working currently is Padikkadavan with Dhanush and it is an out and out comedy. Suraaj is directing it. Dhanush is a very jovial and energetic person. He is so natural that when he is talking, you don’t know if he is saying his dialogues or he is talking to you. Comedy comes very naturally to this actor and his timing is fabulous. For me this is my first comedy film and it was nice working with Dhanush. Padikkadavan should hit the screens by December. I am looking forward to that film too.

Your character in Padikkadavan

In Padikkadavan, I play this bubbly cheerful character. It is again based on a love story but within a commercial framework. It is a film where you can take your popcorn, relax, laugh your heart out and have a three hour entertainment away from your worldly worries. I have not done comedy before and it was new to me especially after doing a very serious and intense role in Ananda Thandavam, this was very different and the audience will get to see a different me.

Which is the most difficult role so far in your career?

I am playing as many different characters as possible right now. I am choosing it in such a way to ensure that I am not a mere glam doll who appears for song sequence and disappears. I am looking at characters who have immense potential and scope for performance and there is equal balance of role between hero and heroine. I also look at a strong story line. I will be doing the Tamil version of Jab We Met, about a powerful woman character who loves herself. Kalloori and Happy Days gave me a college going girl image but the present films will showcase me in a different way. In a way, audience will keep seeing me in different dimensions. But by far the most complicated character that I had portrayed in my career will be that of Madhumitha’s in Ananda Thandavam. I had to work on her body language, the way she spoke etc. I worked very cautiously on her character. When you see the movie, especially girls, would relate to some aspect of Madhumitha in themselves. Every woman would go through what Madhumitha goes through in her life at some point, and the film deals with these issues.

If Kamal calls you to join the Marmayogi cast…?

Working with an actor like Kamal Haasan would be great. He has given so much to the film industry and I would love to work with him if any such offer comes my way. As of now I am committed to a few projects and my hands are full. If timing works out, I would love to do a project with Kamal.

What are your future projects?

Right now I have Jab We Met in Tamil and I will be busy till July 2009. I am currently concentrating on the projects that I am involved with. Later on I will hear newer scripts.


Madhumitha is my

most difficult character

I want to dub for

my films


Do you face any language problems?

I have been in the Tamil film industry for the past three years. Initially, it was very very difficult to get through my lines in Tamil and I had to work very hard. In those days I used to be sitting with my lines and mugging. But now I am more comfortable and can perform more easily. I now realize that language is not a barrier to emote.

Do you have plans to dub for your films?

I tried my voice for dubbing in Ananda Thandavam and I think Gandhi sir approved it. They are considering whether to use my voice or not. I am working hard towards learning the language and pronunciation. I am going to be trying till I get it perfect. As I have many commitments I am not able to devote much time on this. As regards Telugu, I am learning the language and hopefully I will be dubbing in Telugu soon.

How do you choose your scripts?

When I choose a script, I look at who is the director and then decide. Cinema is a director’s medium and vision unlike theatre which is an actor’s medium. In cinema when the camera rolls on, it is the work of the director and I view it that way. Then I look for my character.

What do you think of the actors of current times?

I think the industry is very fortunate to have so many gifted actors. Right now I am working with Surya and Dhanush who are amazingly versatile. I like Vijay who is a very good dancer and I am a huge fan of his dance. I am going to be working with Bharath and Siddharth in Telugu.


I am a huge fan of

Vijay’s dance

Siddharth knows many aspects of film making


How does Siddharth come across to you?

Siddharth understands the film medium very well. He has years of experience and knowledge behind the camera. He is so involved in every aspect of the shot besides acting. Cinema is basically team work and working with different people is a learning experience and interesting by itself.

Are you dating anyone now?

I have been acting since I was thirteen years old and I have been busy since then. I love my job. It is a new experience every day and I find it very adventurous. I have not had the time to catch up with my friends or be involved in dating. I believe that everything has a time in life and when the time is right and when I am ready I may probably think about these things. Right now my priority is my career and I wish to do as many good films as possible.

What do you do in your free time?

I watch a lot of films in my free time. When I get time I watch movies and catch up on my sleep. That’s what I have been up to.

A film which you saw and liked in the recent times.

Life Or Something Like It. It spoke about life in general and how you should live every moment to its fullest. Any day could be the last day in your life. So live it to the maximum. I think they should make this in our Indian language. It is a wonderful film.

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