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Ramya Krishnan needs no introduction to Tamil speaking audience. In her role as Nilambari in Padayappa she set a distinct path for herself with majestic looks and husky voice as accompaniments. Age seems to have come to a pause to this Markandeyini of Tamil cinema who is currently exploring the television horizon and is carving a niche for herself with Kalasam. Meet Ramya Krishnan in a freewheeling chat with

On your journey into filmdom

Ramyakrishnan: When I started Mudal Vasantham, I did not know anything about acting. I was completely unaware of even how to walk and had to be trained for walking in song sequences. But I turned out to be a well trained performer in Padayappa.

On Rajini and Kamal

Both of them are legends in their own league and their qualities are completely different. From Rajini sir, one can learn how to conduct oneself and also a lot humane qualities. Kamal sir is like a college from whom one can learn numerous things. He is a field of learning. Each scene was an experience for me as far as Panchathanthiram was concerned. A simple sequence will be enhanced manifold with Kamal sir’s inputs. There will be so much of difference in what you see on paper and what appears on screen. Kamal and Rajini are two great people to work with.

"Kamal and Rajini

are two

great people

to work with"

Why did you shift to television side?

Though many serial offers came, we wanted to do something on our own. There is no particular reason as such. As an actress, it was a diversion of sorts for me in my career.

About Kalasam experience

Kalasam is proceeding in an interesting manner. This is my maiden experience in tele serial and also my co-production venture. So besides acting, my involvement is also more here which makes it very special and interesting. It is a totally different experience for me and I am enjoying it. Till now, my job ended with just mouthing someone else’s dialogues but now my inputs from behind the screen is also needed. It is an enjoyable experience for me.

About the character in Kalasam having more shades of Nilambari.

As Nilambari image is very strong and has a wide and far reaching impact on the audience, we thought it best to improvise on the same and are working in that direction.

"Writing a


for a mega serial is

very difficult"

Difference between screenplay in cinema and tele-serials?

It is easy to write a screenplay for ten films but it is the toughest thing to do the same for just one mega serial. When you look at screenplay writers for television serials, they are almost on the verge of going crazy because one needs to think about the twists and turns in every scene. Some serials go as long as six years and it is beyond me to fathom how they do it.

Will you be doing programs like ‘Thanga Vettai’ again?

I don’t know. If some interesting concepts come my way, I may do it.

Will you act in your husband Krishna Vamsi’s direction?

Even if I want to act in his direction, he will not let me do that. Krishna Vamsi cannot direct me.

"Krishna Vamsi

cannot direct me"

"Krishna Vamsi

is a

serious director"

Why is that so?

Just after our marriage, I was featuring in a guest role in his film called Sri Anjaneyam. And I used to laugh whenever he was giving me my dialogues. Krishna Vamsi is a serious director and he never liked my laughing. That’s when he took a vow not to cast me in his films or direct me.

Many actresses have revealed that you help them with many tips. Your comments?

As a co-artist, I give some tips if there is a need. But the present day artists know what they are doing. There is a lot of exposure these days. In our times, we never had these many channels. We learnt many things through experience. However people, who want to venture into film industry today, acquire adequate knowledge before entering the field and are well prepared. They don’t need any kind of advice. They are well ahead of times.

"There is a lot

of exposure

these days"

About the short shelf life of today’s actresses?

In the earlier times, there was not much of a competition and people stayed on for 15-20 years. Then there was a time that a couple of them stayed on for lengthy periods. Slowly this number also diminished and now it is like ‘wink and disappear’. Perhaps it is to do with the changing trend as there are more people entering the fray. There are more choices today. And also there is not much of strength in character portrayal especially associated with heroines.

How do you balance family and professional life?

I don’t get much time as I am busy in television. I don’t accept much film offers now. But the little time that I get, I try to manage and make it a quality one with the family.

"I like

Nayanthara and


Who are your current favorite actresses?

I like Trisha as she is my friend too. Then I like Nayanthara and Tamanna . Everybody is good and they all have their plus and minus.

When will Arumugam release?

My portion is over and I have completed dubbing also. The film will release very soon.

Will you take part in the current election campaigns?

I am busy in my film and television commitments. I do not know anything about politics. I will exercise my voting right. That’s about it.

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