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Vega Tamotia, the Saroja girl is on a roll. Born in India and raised in Australia, the girl has come to her homeland to pursue her passion i.e. acting, after having gained experience in Broadway Drama Troupe. She made a mark in Venkat Prabhu’s Saroja and will soon be seen in Pandiraj’s Pasanga. Today she is on a chatline with to discuss about her various interests and films.

How did you enter films?

Vega: I entered film industry through Saroja. I was doing theatre in Mumbai when Venkat Prabhu was looking for his Saroja. And after Saroja, it is Pasanga and a few movies like that.

Do you have any theatre background or undergo any formal training?

I was into theatre from a very young age and after coming to India, I am into a professional theatre only for the past two years. But I have done many plays, dramas etc. Though I did not have any professional training, I have done a lot of courses in acting through out my high school and college. I have done many such courses from prestigious colleges.

What are your current projects?

I have completed Pasanga which will be released in May. Then I am doing a film in Telugu called Houseful after which I will be working in a Hindi film called Aamras

About your personal life.

I was born in India but was raised in Sydney, Australia. Did my school and college there. I am an economist by profession. After I finished my college studies in Sydney, I went to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore for an exchange program. I am very passionate about acting and my work.

Who is your role model?

Steffi Graf, Mahatma Gandhi and my father.

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Who is your favorite actor?

Russell Crowe. I like his acting. He is a fabulous actor. In Hindi I like Aamir Khan and in Tamil I like Kamal, Suriya. I love you Suriya.

Favorite actresses?

Julia Roberts. In Hindi I like Kajol and Asin. I think Asin is fantastic.

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How do you choose your script?

It is very simple. In the script, my character and the team has to be exciting. There must be something interesting and new and it must be fun to work with a team. These are the three criteria I look for.

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If not in films, where would you be?

I would be an economist. Next to acting, economics is my passion. Perhaps I would be working for World Bank or IMM or any such organization.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Ten years from now, I see myself as a very successful and accomplished actor. Perhaps even as an educated actor as I want to do many courses on acting. I want to see myself doing good films and good work.

Will you do glamorous roles?

Yeah… why not? I will do glamorous roles. According to me glamour is not necessarily revealing. Glamour is all about attitude, body language and not about wearing skimpy clothes.

What are your hobbies?

I play a lot sports. I enjoy watching movies. I like to hang around with friends. I enjoy reading books.

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About your family?

I have an older brother who got married last year. And my mom and dad; a very small compact family. I am intensely passionate about my family. My family is my number one priority.

Working with Saroja team...

Fantastic! It was dream come true. Great people to work with and a lot of fun people to work with! Many creative minds come together to work creatively and a lot of fun environment too.

Any memorable incident during the making of Saroja?

Lots but I would like to mention this. I am very afraid of snakes and when we were shooting in a dingy place, I kept hearing hissing sound near me and I was nervous. Then the unit guys were standing near the place and were so supportive so that I can complete my shot properly.

What is your idea of a holiday?

My idea of holiday is to be at a beautiful place like Maldives in a nice hotel with a nice fireplace and watching nice films and going for long walks at nights. That’s my idea of holiday.

What are your favorite holiday destinations?

I would like to go to Morocco, Spain and backwaters of Kerala

About your character in Pasanga

In Pasanga, I play the role of a kindergarten teacher who is a small town girl. The role is fantastic. She is a mix of emotions- angry one moment, happy the next moment and is very bubbly. Strikingly different from Saroja where my role was that of a hep, cool and to the point even arrogant 18 year old girl.

You seem to be getting different roles. Is it luck or choice?

I think I am lucky to have worked with amazing teams like that of Venkat Prabhu’s or Sasikumar’s. They are very very nice people to work with. I also try and choose something different every time. That’s my basic idea when I do my films. It should be new and exciting for me to do and for the audience to watch.

About Dr Balamuralikrishna’s and Kamal Hassan’s presence at the Pasanga audio launch?

It’s a great honor to have such legends take part in an occasion which is very close to me. It is very good for me especially when I am a newcomer in the field to be amidst such people. I am glad to be a part of such a project.

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