Interviewer: Inian | Camera: Hemananth.B & P. Ganesh Babu | Text: Jyothsna
After featuring as Karan’s heroine in Karuppusamy Kuthgaidarar, Meenakshi will be seen in Taxi No. 4777 a Hindi remake. Meet Meenakshi, our guest for this week.

"I am a rich extrovert, party loving and a cosmopolitan girl"

"I am doing

this film with

all my


BW: Tell us about Taxi No. 4777

Meenakshi: After Karuppusamy Kuthagaidarar, Taxi No. 4777 is my second film in Tamil. This is an important film for me. I am doing this film with all my friends starting from director to producer to costars. When the shooting began, we did not know each other but towards the end, we have all become like a huge family. This film is a remake of the Hindi hit Taxi no. 9211. I had seen the film and liked it a lot. So when the offer came my way, I immediately grabbed it. The songs of the film have come out well and so is the picturisation. The sets, costumes and the sequences have turned out very well. There are many driving scenes between me and Pasupathy sir. After this film, I have become a better driver.

Differences between your character in Karuppusamy and Taxi No.

In Karuppusamy my role was that of a middle class Madurai girl who comes from a conservative family. I am an educated girl who was doing her M.B.B.S. In Taxi no. 4777, I am a rich extrovert, party loving and a cosmopolitan girl. My name is Pooja in the film and I am little spoilt too. These two characters are totally different starting from clothing to way of speaking and body language.

Is your role a glamorous one in Taxi no?

I am wearing western costumes in the film. There are no vulgar scenes in the film and no one can say that I am doing a skin show. All the costumes are very decent, but modern.

"I am a rich


party loving

and a



Who are your favorite actors in Tamil?

My list is a bit long. In the previous generation, I like Rajni sir and Kamal sir. I would be fortunate if I get an offer to act with them. In the current generation, I like Ajith, Surya, Madhavan and Vijay.

"If it’s Kamal,

I won’t even

listen to the

script. I will


accept it"

If you get an opportunity to act with Kamal in Marmayogi, will you take it?

Of course! I will not even listen to the script. I will immediately accept it.

Who is your role model in Tamil?

I don’t have any role model.

What are your future projects?

I am not allowed to talk about my future projects.

Compare Bengali film industry with Kollywood.

Bengali films and film directors are talented. But after working in south, I feel Tamil and Malayalam industries are much better than other film industries of our country. I find some of the actors here are more talented than even Bollywood stars.

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