Review By : Release Date : Mar 04,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 48 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Walt Disney Pictures Cast: Bonnie Hunt, Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba, Jason Bateman, Jenny Slate, Nate Torrence Direction: Byron Howard, Rich Moore Screenplay: Jared Bush, Phil Johnston Story: Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Jennifer Lee, Jim Reardon, Josie Trinidad, Phil Johnston, Rich Moore Music: Michael Giacchino Background score: Michael Giacchino Editing: Jeremy Milton, Fabienne Rawley Art direction: Dan Cooper, David Goetz Distribution: Walt Disney Pictures

The best thing about all these Disney movies are that you know for sure that you are going to come out of the theatres smiling so wide like a bride in a marriage reception.

Zootopia is another breezy tale about an evolved city where all animals are civilized and live in harmony. Led by two prime characters, Judy Hopp, the first bunny to become a police officer in Zootopia and a con artiste, Nick Wilde, the fox, the plot of the movie is about a major conspiracy that breaks in the city. How Judy fights her way up through the food chain and saves the day, with some valuable help from the fox is Zootopia.

With adorable animation from the pioneer animators, Zootopia has colourful fantasy lands, multitudinous well dressed up characters ranging from a bull, lion, rabbit, fox to sloths and rodents, and delightful dialogues and antics that would draw a lot of 'awwws' from the crowd. 
The voices of Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopp) and Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde) are a treat! Also look out for Flash, the sloth, in the movie!

The downside would be the 3D. A simple film that it is, Zootopia doesn't get any value added from the 3D technology. With all the exquisite landscapes, adorable characters and incredible animation, the 3D glass might just turn out to be a real pain, considering there is literally nothing 'coming at you' with these glasses on. Children in particular will enjoy the film better without those misfitting 3D glasses.

On the whole, if you are a parent, you are just going to love your kid enjoying this sweet little tale. But if you are going in as a stubborn movie enthusiast, you are just going to find it childish (just like it should be). So, loosen up a bit, sit tight and just have fun like a kid who has seen the Mickey Mouse! 

Verdict: Zootopia is cute, breezy and keeps you grinning! Take a kid with you!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Zootopia (aka) Zoo topia

Zootopia (aka) Zoo topia is a English movie with production by Walt Disney Pictures, direction by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, editing by Jeremy Milton, Fabienne Rawley. The cast of zootopia (aka) Zoo topia includes Bonnie Hunt, Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba, Jason Bateman, Jenny Slate, Nate Torrence.