Review By : Release Date : Mar 04,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 40 minutes Censor Rating : U/A

Production: Alan Siegel, Danny Lerner, Gerard Butler, Mark Gill Cast: Adel Bencherif, Alon Aboutboul, Martin Petrushev, Mehdi Dehbi, Owen Davis, Shivani Ghai, Waleed Zuaiter Direction: Babak Najafi Screenplay: Chad St. John, Christian Gudegast , Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt Story: Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt Music: Trevor Morris Background score: Trevor Morris Cinematography: Ed Wild Dialogues: Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt Editing: Michael J. Duthie, Paul Martin Smith Art direction: Joel Collins

After the White house being taken down by terrorists the previous time, the team is back for a story happening in London this time. England's capital gathers for a funeral with world's most important leaders attending it. It becomes convenient for a group of skilled hackers and killers to create a stir among the public, so the American president (played by Aaron Echkart) can be viciously killed. Under the ‘President Protection Program’, Gerard Butler continues to serve under his excellency, because he is the only person who can clean the mess every single time.


The westerners never get tired of making films of these sorts where the maximum budget gets spent on the dummy bullets and the VFX enabled explosions. A sequel to the 2013 hit film ‘Olympus has fallen’, this franchise is all about the President being rescued exactly a second before the villain kills him. With a concrete ending, which gets predicted in a matter of minutes from the start, ‘Olympus has fallen’ is an action extravaganza prioritizing the stunts over emotion.


Though Gerard Butler's body type shoulders the film, this is just another regular film with few instances deserving our attention. Specifically the brutal attitude of Mike Banning (Gerard) towards killing, brownie points get scored only when he vandalizes directly into the head of a baddie with a perfectly aimed shot. There are those nail-biting moments and some clichés but predominantly carried by the action sequences, the film has very little time for any other diversion. Pointless bird’s eye view and substandard graphics completely detach us from the story. Directed by Swedish film-maker Babk Najafi, the film’s engaging nature doesn't let us complain, but the direction of the story definitely lacks detail and perspectives. Everybody, including Morgan Freeman gets to do their parts, but nothing spectacular apart fom Gerard’s body double.


The film also fails to explain the loopholes and nor does it establishes the premise before jumping into conclusions about the antagonist. It is that one final rescue operation during the climax that saves the film from further criticism. Having invested maximum thoughts on getting the fights right, ‘London has fallen’ is for the action-movie enthusiasts who love seeing blood squirted around. The film is pretty straightforward and simple having no space for intricacies that generally excites the regular viewers of English films.


It is Gerard’s Rambo like ability and the regular stereotyping that go hand in hand to deliver an action film with nothing spectacular. Audiences immerse themselves into the film only during the chases and the shoot-outs. A lot more of intricacies could have saved this template from boredom. Gerard serves the purpose and the rest can be ignored.

Verdict: Just another action film!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


London Has Fallen (aka) London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen (aka) London Has Fallen is a English movie with production by Alan Siegel, Danny Lerner, Gerard Butler, Mark Gill, direction by Babak Najafi, cinematography by Ed Wild, editing by Michael J. Duthie, Paul Martin Smith. The cast of London Has Fallen (aka) London Has Fallen includes Adel Bencherif, Alon Aboutboul, Martin Petrushev, Mehdi Dehbi, Owen Davis, Shivani Ghai, Waleed Zuaiter.