Review By : Release Date : Feb 25,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 31 minutes Censor Rating : A

Production: Appian Way, M Productions, New Regency Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Regency Enterprises Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter Direction: Alejandro G. Iñárritu Screenplay: Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Mark L. Smith Story: Michael Punke Music: Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto Background score: Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki Editing: Stephen Mirrione Art direction: Jack Fisk Distribution: 20th Century Fox

The Revenant is a historical- adventure film. 'The Revenant' is both historic and adventurous for every viewer who's got the audacity to see something that they might have never experienced. More than taking few more sentences to praise how great and remarkable the movie is, let us take the strain to genuinely explain the effort involved in carving a product like this.

Ironically, Dicaprio's character name is Hugh Glass but with no property of brittleness, the Oscar deprived actor literally resurrects from the grave to terrorize the living. If any actor would actually lose his/her own life to pull off a praiseworthy act, Leonardo Dicaprio literally does the inevitable to respect director Alejandro Inaritu's vision. From eating raw-meat to enduring a variety of climactic conditions to managing hour long make-up routines, the seasoned artist has made acting look real and the habit of behaving in front of a camera, a must for aspiring actors. The Revenant is not one of those popcorn movies made with a purpose to entertain the three hours that you can spare from the busy weekend. The Revenant is the ultimate revenge story that'll make you run for your life every time you see danger.

Very rarely you get to see such black-magic onscreen questioning your belief system, impairing your acceptance level. The production/direction team has created the aboriginal world by historically accurate backdrops, costumes and even the dialects used in the dialogues. 'The Revanant' is that flawless film which would intimidate a narcissistic critic vouching for mistakes. Only if you create a setting and literally record the events of it, you can possibly attempt to make a film like 'The Revenant'. Dicaprio's ability to drag himself down the floor is once again evident here and he doesn't disappoint you with an inability to romance a girl, because he's got lot more to do in this film. He encounters a Grizzly Bear and he survives it. The action sequences can create hypovolemic shocks to the viewer sitting in any row of the theater.

Emmanuel Lubezki's camerawork takes us into the actual setting of the movie and makes us witness all the rigidity. Using the movie bird camera crane and with the numerous rig shots travelling across the frame, 'The Revenant' makes our eye pop out of proportions if not blinked now and then. The camera team have captured the essence and true value of the mother nature and have used it as a breather to the tiring watching experience. The visuals can cause distress and sicken the audience, because some unadulterated recording of truly breathtaking events happen on screen. Tom Hardy's role of the villain needs no introduction, considering he's already broken Batman's vertebral column. In this film, he gets his fare share of the pain.

What if a film with meticulous planning and uncompromising performances look like? What if a film involves the effort of an ant lifting a nail? What if a film challenges your ability and capacity to digest the truth? The Revenant is one such miracle. It is an iconic film that demands your integrity as a viewer. A world-class product that goes to the archives straightaway. Inaritu's potential as a filmmaker is well known and this time he out beats himself for another pioneering endeavor. The story is so busy in its original form, the screenplay is like those nail biting videos you watch in Discovery channel. Only when every department of filmmaking come in accordance to the story's real purpose, products like 'The Revenant' can be created. With the Sound Design and the music score further elevating the scenes, 'The Revenant' will be that one movie in which you never looked into you mobile phone. When there are amazing films being made throughout the world, The Revenant is one film that encourages the whole world to make amazing films.

Verdict: A nauseating masterpiece!
( 3.5 / 5.0 )


The Revenant (aka) Revenant

The Revenant (aka) Revenant is a English movie with production by Appian Way, M Productions, New Regency Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Regency Enterprises, direction by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki, editing by Stephen Mirrione. The cast of The Revenant (aka) Revenant includes Domhnall Gleeson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter.