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‘Size zero’ and heroines: Anorexia or yoga
By Behindwoods News Bureau.
April 24, 2008

The ‘size zero figure’, that’s what they call it and it is supposed to be the latest rage in Bollywood. Of course, not all agree with it. It is the perfect female figure, at least many believe so and getting to that stage is not easy. The common belief is that size zero is the result of intense self-deprivation to lose every inch of fat and flab, especially around the

Bipasha Basu

waistline. The results vary with each individual; some look good, while others don’t. But the debate that is catching on like fire in many Bollywood circles is whether the young women are playing with their health in their quest for the perfect figure. There have been many stories of late about several leading ladies collapsing on the sets from sheer exhaustion; they just don’t eat enough, or so it seems. The story of Bipasha Basu putting herself on a diet of only orange juice for 3 continuous days before giving the bikini shot for Dhoom 2 is another interesting anecdote that has been doing the rounds.

But- ask the ladies themselves and you are sure to get some very sharp and even angry replies. They seem exhausted with these ‘anorectic’ rumors floating around. More exhausted than their ‘close to zero calorie’ diet is supposed to make them feel. Kareena Kapoor is the latest one to offer a rebuttal. She acquired a new toned look for Tashan and how she got that is the topic of interest these days. As usual, the ‘starvation theories’ made a few page 3 headlines before she clarified matters herself. She has said that regular exercise and yoga are what helped achieve her new figure and contrary to what we have been hearing, she has not lost any weight, only toned her physique. Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra, the other heroines who are reportedly very close to the size zero figure too have echoed the same sentiment.

It does make sense. Who would like to starve themselves? Yes, there have been stories about how many models in Europe have done serious damage to their lives by starving themselves to slimness. But, eating less is not the only way to look good and maybe the leading ladies in Bollywood are showing the way. So, let’s not yet call them anorectic.

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