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Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor
Direction: Rohit Shetty
Music: Pritam
Production: Dhillin Mehta

Sequels do not make it big in Bollywood. Is this a perception or a misconception? Director Rohit Shetty had to answer a few when his second instalment of the Golmaal franchise didn’t quite live up to expectations. That did not deter him
  Golmaal 3
much as he is back this Diwali, much to the happiness of Golmaal fans, with a more vibrant, bigger and better Golmaal. Say third time lucky! With people knowing what to expect, it becomes easier for a director to manage things.

Golmaal 3 manages to reveal itself as a great sparkler. Be it to see Mithun daddu back on screen with his disco moves and reviving the music of the '80s or Arshad Warsi's dialogue delivery, Ajay Devgan's breaking-the-finger law or simply amusing blah-blah of Tusshar Kapoor, Golmaal 3 sure serves a cup of tea for every individual in the audience. Kareena's tomboy character and her breezy outfit in the otherwise hot Goa sure do bring in a fresh breath of air around us.

Golmaal 3 has a weaker plot as compared to Golmaal Returns. This movie is about the "Clash of Titans" except that the Titans are step-brothers. The set-up is Goa where brothers, Ajay Devgan and Shreyas Talpade, are constantly conspiring and fighting against another set of brothers, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor & Kunal Khemu. The fights portrayed do manage to bring out their building disgust for each other. Mithun Chakravarthy and Ratna Pathak Shah decide to enter the wed-lock which leaves no option for the gang but to live with each other under the same roof. Ma’s gang led by Ajay Devgan & Pa’s gang led by Arshad Warsi do stir up some amusing moments on-screen.

The high point of the movie comes in the second half where the stepbrothers play a mime game. Revealing it will take the effect out of the scene when you watch it but this particular sequence ensures that Diwali is properly celebrated with a 10-000 wala in the theatre. There is a sudden hush in the theatre and what you hear from thereon is the applause and people laughing out loud about the pranks they see on the screen. Tusshar Kapoor as mute Lucky, sure receives a few whistles and it is believable that he had fun over the course of the movie.

Golmaal 3 is a no brainer. Please do not expect both humour and wit in this movie. What Rohit has ensured is that the crowd is treated to a platter of Diwali sweets. Laugh, applaud and leave the theatre with a smile seems to be the mantra. This is best sufficed with the endless comical scenes, over the top action sequences and the number of colours we see on the screen.

The sheer vandalism of cars in a single scene, junior artists getting bashed up in slow-motion, Ajay Devgan’s hi-speed entries and his bending any finger pointed near his face is quite dramatic and fails to put a smile on our faces over the course of the movie. Although, Arshad Warsi’s frictional shoes do manage to bring a choke of laughter.

Though expected to be a comedy movie, only a few jokes linger in your mind when you walk out of the theatre. Kareena Kapoor’s potential is under-used in this movie. This girl, who is capable of showing wonders on-screen, is masked in the routine comedy but she sure is refreshing to watch on-screen with her casual outfit and her tomboyish attitude.

The stand out of this movie is Mithun Chakravarthy. This disco star relives music of the yester-years and does bring in a few taps to our feet with his moves.

Golmaal 3 is a fun, colourful movie to watch. Yes, it is a no-brainer but atleast we are not fooled. Rohit has ensured that this one is funnier than his previous instalments. Watch it for the bulging star cast and lots of funny moments.

Verdict: Laugh out loud and have a colourful splash for Diwali!

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