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Starring: Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Neha Dhupia.
Direction: Vipul Shah
Music: Pritam
Production: Vipul Shah

As is typical these days, the lead actors of Action Replayy, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai, raced against time to promote their latest in every possible way. The movie, we all know, is about a young kid going back to the past to make his parents fall in love and save them from their current situation. No! Even before you could think
  Action Replayy
that this has already been tried in the past by Robert Zemeckis in Back to the Future, you see a slide in the opening credits that the movie is based on a Gujarathi play. Clever!

The movie opens with a rather old looking (!!) Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar making noise (read quarrel) about every trivial issue they are related with. This has an impact on Bunty (Adithya Rai Kapoor) who resigns from the thought of marriage looking at his parents. As it has to happen, Bunty learns about his parents' early years on their 35th wedding anniversary through one of their servants. Quite conveniently, Bunty's girlfriend's uncle (Randhir Kapoor) is working on a Time machine (which has never been tested). Bunty travels to the 70s, the time before their parents' marriage and tries to save their future marriage. What happens in the latter half forms the rest of the movie.

What happens in the 1970s does not seem to be real on the screen. We just get a feeling that the crew only concentrated on the retro-style of dressing for the film's characters. Though this is not a period movie to show Bombay of the 1970s, we atleast expect some authenticity. The director has quite cleverly conceived Aishwarya's character as Akshay's neighbour. What this means is that Ompuri and Kiron Kher (their respective parents) are always involved in verbal duels and so do Ash and Akki. Akshay, as the buck-toothed nerd, is quite a pain to watch. Aishwarya is the tomboy of those times.

The movie could have done better to make us laugh a little more. There are many such attempts in the first half, but they all fall flat and make you think of your popcorn already. The second half does provide some respite with Akshay's makeover into the 'Dude' (courtesy Bunty). There are certainly a few funny moments especially when Akshay turns a cold face on Aishwarya to shiver later. The ‘Awaaz Neeche’ phrase gets the audience involved after the first couple of instances.

Aishwarya looks a million bucks in the movie. Though the initial old version of her does make you sigh, the tomboy in her wins all hearts. With her big blue eyes, colourful costumes and accessories, she is every bit the Mala of the 70s. Akshay has done his bit as the nerdy guy. But he deserves all the applause for his portrayal of the polka-dotted, amusingly walking, bell-trousered Kishan. He is sure a hot property in Bollywood. Neha Dhupia, Adithya Rai Kapoor and Rannvijay do their bits without much fuss.

The music saves the movie to some extent. The BGM livens up the mood in many instances and so do the song numbers which are chartbusters. Editing could have been crisper and so should have been the screenplay. Director Vipul Shah takes us for granted in many instances. This is so evident when you are left wondering how Bunty is accepted in the Kishan and Mala family of the 70s without being asked a question. It does not stop there. Bunty calls Kishan 'dad' and Mala 'mom' (before their marriage that is) and goes un-noticed. Vipul's confusion about whether to make it authentic or spoof earlier movies can be witnessed in many places.

Action Replayy is a colourful, yet dull attempt at going back to the past. As is the case with the time machine in the movie, Vipul Shah did not have an idea of how to make it to the present day. Except for a few bursts of laughter here and there, Action Replayy is a rather juvenile reference to a rather brilliant movie of the past. With good production values, the attempt could have been better with a serious thought on the screenplay and the plot. Watch it only for the lead actors!

Verdict: Wake up folks! This is 2010.

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