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  Asin's Exclusive Interview                                                                
February 24, 2005

Asin, Please tell us about your family and your native?

My native is Cochin, Kerala. My father is a business man and my mother is a house wife. While my father is staying there in Cochin and looking after our business, my mother is staying along with me, here in Chennai.

What is your Qualification, Asin?

I’m a English Literature student in Cochin.

So, how did you get into Kollywood?

I debuted in Kollywood through the film Ullam Ketkume, which didn’t get out of box due to some financial problems. I was marked unlucky my most people then. But, my recent hit film’s proved them wrong and those impressions were removed now. This is my remarkable entry into the Tamil cine world.

You had a tough time proving your point. Which language films do you like to give more importance now, and why?

I would like to give more importance to Tamil films now, because Tamil fans give more respect and importance to actor-actresses than any other cine fans in the country. To prove my fact, I would like to remind you how Tamil cine fans had raised a temple for actress kushboo, a long time back.

How many Tamil films do you have in your hands now?

I’m currently having four Tamil films in hand now; they are Gajini with Surya, God Father with Ajith Kumar and two more Tamil films, with film titles not decided.

Asin, being a Malayalee actress, how did you get a good communication flow in Tamil?

I have many Tamil friends who are from Tamil Nadu. While speaking to them, I was able to grasp the language easily. More over, In Kerala, mostly everyone speak Tamil, and it is not that much of a surprise that I am able to do the same.
Do you think that you can replace Simran’s place in Tamil cinema?

I do not wish to be in Simran’s place, but I want to have a separate place for myself here in Tamil cinema and want to do many Tamil films for a long period.

How do you choose your character, Asin?

In today’s Indian cinema, most films center around a hero only subject, but still I like to do a character which should be talked about, even in . For example, In MKSM my role had uniqueness apart from the hero subject. That’s how I want my movies to be. I will definitely sign for any movie, if it has a good story line and a scope for my acting. I will not sign for movies which emphasizes in glamour only roles.

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