Review By : Movie Run Time : 2 hour 39 minutes Censor Rating : U Genre : Biopic , Drama

Production: Dr. Anand Sankeshwar, VRL FILM PRODUCTIONS Cast: Anant Nag, Bharat Bopanna, Nihal, Prakash Belwadi, Ravi Chandran, Siri Prahlad Direction: Rishika Sharma Music: Gopi Sundar Background score: Gopi Sundar Cinematography: Keertan Poojary Dialogues: Sanjay Upadhaya Editing: Hemanth Kumar D Art direction: Rishika Sharma Stunt choreography: Ravi Varma Dance choreography: Imran Sardhariya PRO: Sudheendra Venkatesh

Vijayanand is a Kannada Biopic film written and directed by Rishika Sharma. The film has Nihal Rajput playing the legendary role of popular Indian businessman Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, while Anant Nag plays as his father. Bharat Bopanna portrays the role of Anand. The film is produced by Anand Sankeshwar.

Being a biopic, the film is weaved around the rise of Vijay Sankeshwar to spotlight through his diligence and perseverance in business arena. It encompasses all the significant events of his life right from his decision to break away from his traditional printing business to a new spectrum of transportation.

Nihal Rajput is befitting for this role as he carries the charisma throughout the film. He is more convincing during the emotional scenes while the rest are performed with ease. Anant Nag as a verbally expressive father is carved out meticulously to meet the demands of the script. Ravi Bopanna and other cast members are stitched together in cohesion.

Frames of Keerthan Poojari is serene in every aspect. It lays foundation for the period setup and enhances the mood of the film. Gopi Sundar shines both in songs as well as in the background score. Music sweeps the audience through its majestic essence every single time. Sharp dialogues lands its morale nature to the audience while all the other come up as explanations rather than a response for a situation. Quite a few time, the fourth wall is broken to convince the audience with the flesh of reality.

The new wave of Kannada cinema is really making a difference among other film industries. Following the success of Kantara, this biopic too holds the potential to make it big. Rishika Sharma has given the audience a cinematic experience of the hardships faced by a common man who wants to go against the grain. There are scenes which threaten us about our existence in this power dominated society which has its own way of functioning.

Vijayanand is an honest attempt by the filmmaker to throw light on the life of Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar. The plot relies heavily on dialogues which acts for the film. Market fight sequence deserves a special mention for its stunt choreography.

The plot loses its steam at the end of first half where a huge conflict was at stake. Though the film was based on actual events, it fails to offer any captivating sequences. Conflicts during the latter part of the film becomes contrived and falls flat with the logical standards set by the same. At the end, the film wants us to believe that perseverance will pay at any given scenario.


Verdict: A typical rags to riches plotline and clinical film-making makes Vijayanand, a watchable biopic.


2.5 5 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )



பிரேக்கிங் சினிமா செய்திகள், திரை விமர்சனம், பாடல் விமர்சனம், ஃபோட்டோ கேலரி, பாக்ஸ் ஆபிஸ் செய்திகள், ஸ்லைடு ஷோ, போன்ற பல்வேறு சுவாரஸியமான தகவல்களை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்      


Vijayanand (aka) Vijayaanand

Vijayanand (aka) Vijayaanand is a Tamil movie. Anant Nag, Bharat Bopanna, Nihal, Prakash Belwadi, Ravi Chandran, Siri Prahlad are part of the cast of Vijayanand (aka) Vijayaanand. The movie is directed by Rishika Sharma. Music is by Gopi Sundar. Production by Dr. Anand Sankeshwar, VRL FILM PRODUCTIONS, cinematography by Keertan Poojary, editing by Hemanth Kumar D and art direction by Rishika Sharma.