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Review By : Release Date : May 27,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hour 06 minutes Censor Rating : A

Production: Pinrom Pictures, Souvenir Production Cast: Vijay Kumar Direction: Vijay Kumar Screenplay: Vijay Kumar Story: Vijay Kumar Music: Masala Coffee Background score: Vijay Kumar Cinematography: Paul Livingstone Editing: Abhinav Sunder Nayak Stunt choreography: Vicky

Uriyadi talks about how four playful, happy-go-lucky college students get dragged into trouble and how a small problem develops into a serious issue due to a politician who is in search of his glory. The film boldly talks about how castes and caste politics are being used for one or few members’ personal gain and not for the society.

A fresh young team has joined hands to make this film. The first person to be credited here would be Vijay Kumar who looks to be an all-rounder. Apart from starring in the film, he has also directed, produced and composed the background score.

Not just Vijay Kumar, every actor has delivered what was required of them in spite of not having any prior acting experience. Almost all the cast members are fresh. The only notable face that you could recognize would be the baddie Mime Gopi. The director must get a pat on his shoulder to have gotten the best out of all the fresh faces that he had brought in. When you get your casting  right you have already crossed half your destination.

If you are a fan of violent action genres, you’ll watch this flick with mesmerized fascination as it keeps you intrigued from start to finish. The main plus of Uriyadi is that the screenplay doesn’t resort to a predictable narrative pattern. It keeps you guessing and only in a very few places your guess would turn out right. It is a very simple story, but the way it has been told makes it an interesting watch. It looks like a conscious move to create a suspense element before each and every scene. Even an ordinary scene has been told in a suspenseful manner.

Technically the film is okayish as it doesn’t require a rich canvas. The script demands some rawness and that has been provided adequately. There are a couple of shots where the scene travels through one person’s imagination. A different color tone has been used to differentiate those scenes which however look very awkward. This could have been avoided.

Uriyadi does have a few impressive songs. A couple of them come has montage tracks and one as love track. There is a small love portion which comes at an early stage of the film. There is a female lead that appears in a couple of scenes. No, it is not one of those typical commercial heroine type roles. The purpose of the character is only for 3 scenes, but it is this role that changes the things around.

Few might feel sickened by the coldness of the cruelty that gets displayed on screen. It is definitely not a film for faint hearts. The film portrays students in savage shades and though they are fighting a battle against bad people, by no means the things they do are ethical and it does set a bad precedent for college students.

Verdict: Brutally brutal in all the right ways!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )
By Behindwoods Review Board
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Uriyadi (aka) Uriyadi

Uriyadi (aka) Uriyadi is a Tamil movie with production by Pinrom Pictures, Souvenir Production, direction by Vijay Kumar, cinematography by Paul Livingstone, editing by Abhinav Sunder Nayak. The cast of Uriyadi (aka) Uriyadi includes Vijay Kumar.