Udhayam NH4


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Album Release Date : Apr 01,2013
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Production: Dayanidhi Azhgiri, Vetrimaaran
Cast: Ashrita Shetty, Kay Kay Menon, Kishore, Siddharth
Direction: Manimaran
Screenplay: Vetrimaaran
Story: Vetrimaaran
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Velraj
Dialogues: Vetrimaaran
Editing: Kishore Te
Stunt choreography: Dilip Subbarayan
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Nagendra Prasad
Singers: Ajmal Khan, Amrith Viswanath, Bela Shende, Gana Bala, Ramya NSK, S.P.B.Charan, Saindhavi, Srinivas
Lyrics : Gana Bala, Kabilan, Na Muthukumar, Rajkumar, Vaali

G.V. Prakash joins hands with Vetrimaran yet again, this time the acclaimed director only assumes writing responsibilities while the filmmaking task of Udhayam-NH4 is rest upon debutant Manimaran’s shoulders. The film stars Siddarth and Ashrita Shetty along with Kay Kay Menon and Kishore.

Indrodu Thadaigal
Singers: Ramya NSK, Srinivas
Lyrics: Vaali

The album’s opener is a bouncy number that’s peppy and youthful. It is predominantly guitar driven over a wide arrangement of percussions. The otherwise lively song suffers from namesake English verses that have already been rehashed and reused plenty of times.

Ora Kannala
Singers: Gana Bala
Lyrics: Gana Bala

Gana Bala’s distinct voice comes through clearly right from the opening notes. But one must say he isn’t exactly challenged here although he does deliver the goods rather well, both in the singing and songwriting departments. G.V. Prakash orchestrates the song using the genre’s core instruments and presents an unadulterated gana tune.

Vaa Iravugal
Singers: Ajmal Khan, Amrith Viswanath, G.V.Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Kabilan

An unabashed club tune dominated by a synth loop and racy electronic beats. Despite masquerading as a party tune the song comes across dark and gloomy. G.V. Prakash introduces several layers of sequencing, freaky breakdowns that feature a rap segment and finally a kuthu bit.

Yaaro Ivan
Singers: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The first single to be released from the album and it has already gone on to become a raging hit across the airwaves. G.V. Prakash displays his forte with soft soulful vocal melodies that are easily accessible to the listener and instantly likable and hummable. Saindhavi and G.V. prove that they make a great pair, surely while singing duets with each other. The string section arrangement serves its purpose too well adding to the mood.

Maalai Pon Maalai
Singers: Bela Shende, S.P.B.Charan
Lyrics: Rajkumar

G.V Prakash comes up with a delightful tune that could well serve as a fine road song. It’s a soft and easy-going in nature but chirpy and up-tempo at the same time. Since the song’s focus is on its strong melodies, the orchestration only serves as accompaniments rather than overpowering the tune. There is good use of guitars over a metronomic hand-clap backbeat. Bela Shende delivers a great performance and Charan chips in with his bit and doesn’t fall far behind.

Verdict: The melodies and gana shine !



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