Alex pandian


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
Album Release Date : Dec 12,2012
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Production: K. E. Gnanavelraja
Cast: Anushka, Karthi, Prathap Pothen, Santhanam, Sanusha
Direction: Suraj
Screenplay: Suraj
Story: Suraj
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Background score: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Saravanan
Dialogues: Suraj
Editing: N. B. Srikanth, Praveen K. L
Singers: Anitha, Baba Sehgal, DSP, Himesh, Javed Ali, Karthi, Karthik, Mukesh, Priya, Priyadarshini, Ranina Reddy, Santhanam
Lyrics : Karunakaran, Pa.Vijay, Vaali, Viveka
PRO: Johnson
Distribution: Studio Green

Alex Pandian is Studio Green’s latest offering with Karthi and Anushka in the lead. Director Suraaj joins hands with music director Devi Sri Prasad for the first time to dish out music for this ‘masala-action’ feature.

Onnam Class
Singers: Mukesh, Priyadarshini
Lyrics: Vaali

If there was any reminder required as to who the music director of the film is, this song clears the air almost instantly as it’s a tune that has DSP written all over it, and the same can be said about Vaali’s lyrics as well. The dance duet is performed with exuberance, even if it’s of the similar style of DSP’s earlier hits, and done well by Mukesh and Priyadarshini. The track struts along boldly with just one goal in sight – to entertain. It does succeed despite its familiarity.

Thaka Thayya
Singers: Karthi, Karthik, Santhanam
Lyrics: Viveka

Dialogue exchanges between Santhanam and Karthi throughout the song offers some chuckles amidst this jovial tune. The song’s high point would have to be its chorus hook. Orchestration wise, DSP uses native marriage instruments like Thavil and Nadhaswaram but also makes room for the sound of the marching band horns. Karthik sounds like he’s performed this tune with a smile on his face.

Naalu Pakkam
Singers: Anitha, DSP
Lyrics: Viveka

DSP takes up vocal duties on this one and delivers it in a menacing tone, but there is an undercurrent of sensuality throughout the song. The beats are standard DSP material but the singing sure is challenging and DSP lives up to its demands. The lyrics and sound effects suggest a jungle setting for the song. Anitha’s vocal parts are delivered with overdubs which offer a nice texture.

Bad Boy
Singers: Baba Sehgal, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Karunakaran

A usual DSP rhythm pattern presented through a synth groove this time but the song goes through several changes that seem rather forced upon. All roads dwindle around corners to reach the macho chorus. Lyrically the song tries to be powerful but with impish intentions and Baba Sehgal’s voice suits aptly for the same.

Rayya Rayya
Singers: Javed Ali, Ranina Reddy
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

Another peppy dance duet that ticks all the boxes to get the audience tapping their feet and singing along. The Hindi-Tamil lyrics offer some good hooks with the background of catchy beats. Javed Ali and Ranina Reddy play their parts almost perfectly. DSP uses his usual set of trusty instruments to orchestrate this tune, and peppers some areas with quirky effects.

Verdict: Alex Pandian is yet another unpretentious effort from DSP who attempts to offer nothing but lighthearted fun set to unfailing dance beat. DSP unabashedly sticks to his guns and fires in places.