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Album Release Date : Nov 17,2012
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Production: Little Precious Films
Cast: Harish Kalyand, Poonam Kaur
Direction: Raja Karthic
Story: Guest Is A Thriller Film That Brings Together A Bunch Of Fresh Faces
Music: Raj-Kakani
Singers: Dhinakar, Harish Kalyan, Priya Darshini, Ranina Reddy, Vinitha Narayan
Lyrics : Kadhar Shaa, Karunaa, Raja Karthic

Guest is a thriller film that brings together a bunch of fresh faces including the director Raja Karthic himself. The music director Raj Kakani also debuts with this film. Guest stars Harish Kalyan and Poonam Kaur.

Sikki Kolla Vayenda
Singers: Ranina Reddy
Lyrics: Karunaa

The song begins on a promising note with its Middle Eastern orchestration that is replicated with good authenticity. The song has a dark and sensuous undercurrent that’s ever present throughout the song. Ranina Reddy does full justice to the demands of the song with an inspired performance.

Ennachu enakku
Singers: Dhinakar, Vinitha Narayan
Lyrics: Kadhar Shaa

A peppy duet between Vinitha Narayan and Dhinakar, the latter reminds you of Udit Narayan in parts particularly with his diction and articulation of Tamil words. The orchestration is fairly basic and repetitive. The use of Thavil in short bursts does get predictable beyond a point. The words of Kadhar Shaa make use of Telugu and English language but not with poetic intentions, rather for amusement’s sake.

Koodaiyil Poolikinra
Singers: Harish Kalyan
Lyrics: Karunaa

The song opens sweetly with bells, chimes and a chorus of young children. This composition is definitely the stand out track of the album and it has a lot to do with Harish Kalyan’s beautiful rendering of the melodies. The orchestration is replete with flute and strings that make their presence felt. The vocal overdubs and delays are a nice touch.

Ya Ya Ya Honeyaana
Singers: Priya Darshini
Lyrics: Raja Karthic

Another sensual song that’s set to a downtempo beat. Priya Darshini delivers the song with the right emotions, even it’s predictable and stereotypical. Musically, the composition offers very little that’s different and is quite a dreary listen.  The interludes too just come across as fillers.

Verdict: With half of the album focused on sensuality, the soundtrack may not prove to be pleasant listening for everyone. There are some promising moments in all the songs though.