Release Date : Oct 25,2013
Sutta Kathai
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Production: Libra Productions
Cast: Jayaprakash, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji
Direction: Subu
Screenplay: Subu
Story: Subu
Background score: Madley Blues
Cinematography: Nishar
Dialogues: Subu
Editing: Surya
Stunt choreography: T. Ramesh
Dance choreography: Sathish
Singers: Harish Venkat, Harshitha Krishnan, M.S.Vishwanathan, Mano, Solar Sai, Subu, Venky, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics : Harish Venkat, Subu
PRO: Mounam Ravi

Looking at the title of the movie, don’t come to the conclusion that it is a plagiarized story. The ‘Sutta’ part refers to a gunshot which claims a victim and how a set of characters are linked to this murder.

Koramalai, a fictional village populated by lazy inhabitants is the scene of action. Two rookie constables, Ramki and Sangili, report for duty at the police station in the village with dreams of carrying out their duties in an honorable manner and the aforementioned murder gives them a chance to prove their credentials.

There are a few twists lined up in this whodunit by director Subu and whether he has managed to completely hold his audience in his grip is the question?

Balaji and Venkatesh play Ramki and Sangili respectively and they fit into their roles very well. While Ramki is a fan of actor Ramki and is a kleptomaniac, the wafer-thin Sangili is a fan of actor Arun Pandian and is partially deaf. They are obsessed with ‘Sambasivam Crime Comics’ and get an idea or two out of the various editions. These scenes are hilariously presented and enacted.

Popular mass scenes have been spoofed and Sangili's dig at a couple of top industry celebrities is enjoyable. Venkatesh also comes out with his popular ‘Step Step Mani’ moves for the ‘Dingu Dongu’ number. The way he runs, also adds to the fun quotient during the chase scenes.

Nassar brings out his range of histrionics as Inspector Thirumeni while a flabby constable named Singamuthu gives the director a chance to indulge in some ‘belly’ based comedy.

M.S.Bhasker plays the leader of a tribal group named ‘Kunjanis’ and the rituals and lingo of this tribe are pronounced. Lakshmi Priya’s action packed role is quite significant. Jayaprakash’s role is yet another important one, which is introduced late and the actor does it well. His unique accent is noticeable.

The writing shines through in some of the dialogs such as the sequential ‘Ki Ramki Li Sangili Tea Special Tea’ and when a heavily stacked man asks his little daughter to check if he had put on his belt. Tasmac becomes ‘Bossmark’ here and we are told in the beginning that all the characters had been given juice in the name of alcohol. Funny indeed.

The entire movie has been shot in Kodaikanal but the director doesn’t waste any time showcasing the pristine beauty of the land. This crisp treatment helps the movie to race to its finish line in just 1 hour and 45 mins. One particular crane shot takes the cake in cinematographer Nishar's work. 

Madley Blues’ numbers are a delight to hear and have been used pretty well in the narrative. Don’t miss the intro credits sequence where the ‘Kaatukulla Kannamoochi’ number has been aptly used to illustrate the movie’s plot through an animated comic strip. Brilliant work.

Since the story happens in a forest, the sound design and effects may assume greater importance when seen with Auro 3D.

Though director Subu’s intelligence and wit can’t be questioned, this murder mystery never takes itself seriously and resolves too conveniently in the end. The twists straighten themselves out, all too easily. If the movie had offered more laugh-worthy moments, particularly in the second half, the end product could have been memorable. 

Verdict: Novel attempt and ideas; the movie would have worked, only if the comedy had clicked better
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai

Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai is a Tamil movie with production by Libra Productions, direction by Subu, cinematography by Nishar, editing by Surya. The cast of Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai includes Jayaprakash, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji.