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'Title Innum Vekkala' chases Thalaivaa!

Published Date:
Jul 12, 2013

Fans always love to debate over the box office records of their favourite actor's films. But the new obsession among today’s fans is to track how many visits the trailers of their idols' projects garner in YouTube, and it’s surely not a bad obsession at all, as the visits deal with numbers as huge as a million and more. 

Recently the theatrical trailer of Thalaivaa crossed the massive two million visits mark. Now to join the elite group is the teaser of Ajith 53. Though the latter was released a bit earlier than the Thalaivaa trailer, it is just a few hundred thousand behind the Vijay starrer. 

Meanwhile the releases of both the biggies are approaching, with Thalaivaa scheduled for an August 9th release and Ajith 53 expected in September.

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