Check out these viral trending pics from the much-awaited anthology - NAVARASA, all set to release August 6th. The anthology will have nine episodes that will introduce the audience to the nine navarasas (emotions) - compassion, disgust, anger, fear, love, peace, wonder, courage and laughter.


Speaking about  Navarasa, Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchapakesan said, “We go a long way back in working together to raise funds for causes. The pandemic was staring at our face to stand up and do something. We realised our industry was the most badly hit and we felt a strong urge to do something for our own people. Navarasa was born from this strong urge to help and support the tamil film industry. We reached out to directors, actors and technicians in the industry with this idea. The response was a spontaneous yes from all of them. The project was executed in the thick of the pandemic, under the most difficult conditions by the different teams. Putting the utmost safety measures in place, nine films were completed.Today Navarasa is ready for the world to see. People in 180 countries will see the work created by an industry coming together for its people with passion and commitment. Every one of the industry icons have put their heart and soul into this project for the cause, working pro bono.The result is an anthology that we are excited to reveal and share with pride. Navarasa will showcase the talent and creativity of our industry.It will also support 12000 of our colleagues to tide through the pandemic. Wide support across the industry has been individually delivered with the help of Bhoomika trust. We are grateful to Netflix to have partnered us on this emotional journey.”



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