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Lust stories drew to an end with Karan Johar's short film. Kiara Advani, a small town girl fascinated by love and young relationships, settles for an arranged marriage. She struggles to be sexually satisfied and discovers something that she can do to satisfy herself.

Breaking preconceived notions of what is defined as right or wrong in the society, a bold attempt such as this is appreciable. While the conflict in this story is not popularly shown on screen or discussed quite often, it is definitely one of the finest touches to this anthology. The confidence in addressing this topic is what stands out, while the outcomes following this seemed realistic and appropriate to the storyline.

While the entire feature weighed more importance to its narration and let it speak for itself, there is extremely limited scope for the camera and it seemed like they agreed to not experiment with the visuals and follow the basics to further highlight the storyline. While the musical elements used in Karan Johar's portion of the story might have worked for some, it seemed as a forced entry at certain places.

Direction: Karan Johar
Cast: Kiara Advani, Vicky Kaushal and Neha Dhupia


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