Kamal Haasan as Govindarajan "Govind" Ramaswamy

What was to be but was not
Those apart now am going to talk about the actual “FIRST LOOK” of a few of the characters


I preferred this Bhuvaraghavan but the team were too surprised or probably they did not recognise me at all  ,but I have many friends who look like that too but this was denied for various reasons .Though it was a personal favourite of Mr.Mike and me but we ended up having a more handsome looking Bhuvaraghavan .For me personally handsome was never about that face but thats what cinema loves so we decided on a slightly more cosmetic look for Bhuvaraghavan.


The cliche look of what a scientist looks like in Tamil cinema was a bespectacled nerdy guy almost okayed a wig slapped on head that looked more like a scholarly cap than hair. Mike and I decided not to tamper with that and I  felt that’s the only part where I play myself but for various other characters I had to shave my head based on schedule so unfortunately I landed up with a wig well done for the days I can see through it now but then it seemed convincing, so went with that. otherwise I would have settled for Govind who was balding which Mike would have pulled off like a wizard that he is.