Sharing a post from RaajKamal International, Kamal Haasan has shared a series of photos from Dasavatharam. The original post by RKI reads thus: "Unsurpassable!! A mile stone in Indian and Tamil Cinema !!! That is how synonymous this can get with Dasavatharam!How can someone even think of such a grand, glossy, brilliant, mindblowing screenplay at a time when film making wasn't developed enough to visualize its actual potential?? But we do have a polymath who’s one of his kind to do this and he did ..The name is Kamalhaasan rightly called fondly by his fans as “Ulaga Nayagan “CELEBRATING 13 yrs of Dasavatharam here is an exclusive from his archive on the making."


A coveted file which makes more sense when released today than yesterday. When you make art for posterity do not expect sponsors to be in agreement .They are temporary and would think only for the moment. The greatest sponsors are artists themselves fortunately in history sponsors have also been connoisseurs for instance and hence it helped art. You cannot expect that from corporations in a hurry who work for a quarterly review. People with vision register in history. For instance The mogul emperor the German monarch,Ashoka ,chola and many more down the line in history. Thus spoke Kamalhaasan."


Dasavatharam -the thought and Process*:
Talking about embarking on this journey of making He begins by saying Dasavatharam was a script which was declined by many directors who said they didn't understand it , and quite unexpectedly Mr Ravikumar jumped at it. He immediately claimed it a winner on cards and was was surprised that it was turned down and asked to make the film while on a telephonic conversation with me at Eldams road. That's how the movie came into being! Most of the time I work alone and like to take the opinion of seniors and well wishers while on a project. For Dasavatharam it wasn’t any different and thus I wanted to take Mr Mukta Srinivasan's opinion as he has string instincts and is a brilliant short story writer.


Here are some pictures reposted by Kamal Haasan and the caption which details the working of the film has been specified - Check it out here:

George Bush

Towards the end of the filming, during the tsunami sequence we realized we needed a crore more to achieve the visuals written by me for the climax.Now people nonchalantly talk about 20 to 30 crores , but back then it was huge . I offered to rewrite the script without the tsunami and end it with the train sequence , but the butterfly effect would have been lost. But I was willing to do it’s I had to have an alternative our producer You must remember here that I once made a film named Vikram which was then called 'oru kodi rubai kanavu', but within two decades it was about a crore more for just one sequence,but that's the evolution of cinema with technology. However, Mr Ravikumar had fully understood the script and fought tooth and nail to get the climax done as scripted originally and we spent the additional 1 crore. I gave Mr Ravichandran some of my rights to the film as I ALWAYS invest in my movies and we were partners in the film and he had seen my vision to fruition and we pulled off what was near impossible then. That's how Dasavatharam was made and saw completion .