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Thalaiva release finally cleared for Aug 20th
Published Date:
Aug 18, 2013

After an extended game of seesaw, the Tamil Nadu release of Thalaivaa has finally been confirmed for the 20th of August, the coming Tuesday. The police force have given the go-ahead for the movie to release anytime after tomorrow and it has been decided that Tuesday would be an apt day to release the movie. Publicity ads with the confirmed theater listings are expected to be released tomorrow.

With a couple of new releases, 555 and Aadhalaal Kadhal Seiveer, doing pretty well across the state, we have to see how many screens Thalaivaa is able to garner for itself. The advance bookings are expected to begin tomorrow and all the prominent multiplexes may be expected to allot Thalaivaa their best screens.

But, it's safe to say that Thalaivaa will not be getting as big a release as was originally planned for it, on the 9th of August.

With the delay in the release, theater owners weren't willing to offer the earlier agreed Minimum Guarantees and with the increasing circulation of pirated copies of the movie, the team of Thalaivaa had plenty of reasons to be stressed out.

The producer of the movie, Mr.Chandraprakash Jain was earlier admitted in hospital as he couldn't handle the intense stress caused by this issue over the past week or so.

There were also widespread reports about the Thalaivaa team planning to go on a fast to bring about a quick resolution to this issue. But, permission wasn't granted to them by the forces that matter.

Mr.Anbazhagan of Anbu Pictures had earlier today volunteered to release Thalaivaa in around 300 screens across the state and his stance was welcomed wholeheartedly by Vijay fans in the social media space.

Now, all eyes are on Tuesday and a thundering opening is safe to assume given the frenzy that has been pent up in the midst of Vijay's large fan-base over the past week or so.

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