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Vocals: Sakthishree
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Right at the first listen, you'll seem to realize how intense Shakthishree's voice is. Her versatility is impeccable and it shows, quite obviously, in this song. As usual, Rahman breaks stereotypes of a song's set pattern, and the last time he did that was with Thalli Pogathey. Similar to that song, he starts off with an intense synth that sticks itself at the back of your head. From the word go, the song takes a path that is less explored in mainstream Tamil music. The arrangements in this track can turn out to be highly acclaimed, and coming from a master like ARR, it is definitely worth multiple listens in one go.

He sticks to underplaying this song by not giving it too much exposure to beats, but the guitars do the trick. The electric rhythm guitars along with the bass guitar lay the path for a maze. A maze that keeps you guessing where this track is headed. Vairamuthu has yet again proved that he is a gem to Tamil cinema. He has efficiently woven words that are shrewd and his proficiency is evident. Paying close attention to the intricacies of the lyrics can help us understand a portion of the film involving Jyothika and Arvind Swami. 


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