Bigg Boss Tamil - the famous Indian version of the internationally acclaimed Big Brother show is currently commencing its season 4 with spectacular contestants and interesting content courtesy of the inmates.


So here, we have an overview for you to revisit these top moments that happened yesterday's (last episode - dated 28.10.2020 - Wednesday).

1. Balaji & Archana full-fledged war of words

The controversy of the Ammi statement by Bala and subsequent disregard for the house captain's words had already sparked a controversy with him and some of the other housemates, especially Archana and Rio.


Bala said he did not like the attitude of the captain and would not be answerable to such a person. Archana, on the other hand, ended things saying, "I am the house captain and you are answerable to me whether you like it or not. Thank you." 


With many other inmates questioning Bala on his stance in the issue, led him to turn emotional and he started crying, isolating himself.