2. Kamal's opinion on Sanam v/s Suresh fight

Kamal Haasan while starting the show, made a never-before statement, mentioning that of all the seasons, Bigg Boss Tamil 4 has been the most controversial he has seen. Regarding Suresh and Sanam fight, Kamal questioned Sanam whether her response was over the top and pre-meditated, as she had spoken to Vel Murugan about the same earlier.


Sanam responded saying she regretted speaking those words and admitted Ulaganayagan's comment about her reaction. But she clarified that it was not a prepared response, but the outburst was due to the spur of the moment, and admitted that her reaction was huge because she was subconciously aware of all the hurting words she endured courtesy of Suresh in the last two weeks. 


In the meanwhile, Kamal Haasan said the other inmates must have taken some time to analyze what happened, rather than jumping up in convincing Suresh to apologize to Sanam. Kamal also said that he felt Archana was trying to anchor the show, which she vehemently denied.