This is a beautiful track composed by Dheeraj Sukumaran and clearly set in the reetigowla raagam which just captures your attention in a heartbeat. Crishna a singer who now performs for Masala Coffee Band , and has sung for Govind Vasantha in the movie Thambi, absolutely nails the vocals here. Who else but Rithu Vysakh could impress so stunningly on violins, as the interlude section is dominated by him. Crishna continues to sing in the stanza with some excellent male harmonies to accompany and the best line is when the stanza ends with “moodi kappome’. The second interlude by Rithu is even more enchanting with his solo. The second stanza is sung by Anju Joseph and she too does a wonderful job. The closing outro part is excellent composed with Anju singing the higher scales with amazing ease accompanied by flowing keys.